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Jenny Lind bed > bench thingy for the wifey

Mr Natural

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I cant remember when I built this- a year or more ago I guess. Jenny Lind beds were everywhere in the whatever- late 50s/early 60s I guess. We had my wifes old one from when she was a kid up in our attic with a bunch of other crap we have been hanging onto for years.  My wife showed me a pic of a bench made from one on instagram/pintrest and asked if I could build it. Of course my love/master/captain, of course. 

we start with the bed- I used spray paint & primer to both seal and fill in some of the wood. 



i forgot to remove the odd wooden oblong wheeled feet- so off they came


 i need to cut one of the ends of the bed in half to make the side rails- so- the dowel in the middle had to go


so after fiddling around thinking about it- I realize that the height isnt right for this- and I need to jack it up a bit. So- hmm- lets look around previously mentioned crap loaded attic, and low and behold- a baby crib from 1960 something that absolutely is not in modern day safety code- not sure what we were thinking about saving it but- feeder stock it is



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