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Rotary polishers etc

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A few weeks ago I had this vague memory of having bought a polishing pad at some time and when I looked in my shed it was actually there. So notify U2, boast to Bono, I found what I was looking for! And I looked a little further and there were two of them.....



They have a velcro backing and are just the right size so I've used them in my Random Orbital Sander. And it does the job.....eventually



But the trouble with the R O Sander is when you put pressure on is slows down or even stops spinning so it takes too long. So my question is am I better off getting something more suited for the job or do other people use a random orbital Sander?


I was wondering if there's an adaptor so you can use an angle grinder but will that go too fast?




So what do you guys suggest? Should I stick with the R O Sander or ditch it?

Thanks in advance!

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For a suitable speed use the RO. With the angle grinder you may easily either sand through or burn the finish.

There's angle polishers looking like angle grinders but they're low speed - and low noise as well! They don't cost too much, starting from AUD 100 or even less.

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I'm totally stealing the 'found what I was looking for line' - cracked me up. 

I have a walmart cheap buffer... I don't think it's 'great' but I just use it to get close then follow up with my elbow grinder (hehe).

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