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Bridge pup too bright


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Yes, although it might take some experimentation with different value capacitors to find the right amount of treble taming to suit your needs. Try clipping a capacitor across the two outer lugs of the bridge pickup volume pot and swap in different value caps until you find the right one. The smaller the value of the cap, the less apparent treble reduction it causes.

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Are the pickups single coil or humbuckers? 300K is a bit on the bright side for a single coil but quite a lot towards the muddy side for a humbucker.

Instead of thinking about changing hardware, have you tried simply turning the volume on the guitar down a bit and cranking up the amp accordingly? This may sound arrogant and whatnot, but I'm speaking from personal experience. After decades of strumming and struggling with amps and strings and all other hardware tweaks I let a fellow builder test my latest build. I was stunned to hear the pleasing mellow sounds he managed to get out of those cheap P90's! And all he did was to lower the guitar volume to 7.  What an eye-opener! For me it has always been at 10, following the "rule" that anything lower will "kill" the tone. The extent of that school is to toss away all pots and wire the pups directly to the jack. I never took that route but truth to be said the knobs on my guitars were just gathering dust until now.

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I agree with this use of the volume pot if this is not already part of your general playing habits. I also aim to get the tone I want with the volume around 7 (I'm unsure how I ended up using that value all these years too) so I am able to give it a little kick if I want or continue backing it off. Even if you don't subscribe to this old school method yourself, do any experimentation with caps etc. whilst A/Bing it with the volume at 7 in addition to 10. I'd see this as an opportunity to work some additional tonal variety to your instrument whilst fixing the bright bridge bucker.

A more direct answer would be to confirm that the pickup and pole heights are optimal. That can have an unexpected affect on the tone of a pickup.

Again, I'm making the assumption of humbuckers here. Correct my assumptions if they need it 😉

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