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Anyone can help identifying what type of wood is this?

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The body looks surprisingly similar to my floor which is pine. My upstairs wall panels are spruce which also looks similar. Anyhow, I'd vote for some conifer.

The neck looks like maple.

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There's pine and there's pine, a lot of the weight of any wood depends on the soil where the tree has grown. Also, a double neck weighs a lot in any case. With all the hardware I guess 10 kg/20 lbs could be close.

Then again, especially looking at the little knot, it could be alder but the colour isn't quite right, alder is a tad darker than maple and it also often has diagonal streaks.

Judging by the similarity in colour and the grain pattern on the slab sawn necks on some of my guitars it could also be maple. How do the sides of the body look like compared to the neck? Also, there's several maple species in North America. The body could be soft maple and the neck hard maple. That would also explain the weight.


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immediately reminded me of this pine table from the 1940s at my family cabin.  That was not light either.  much higher quality pine than you typically see and quite a bit harder - table still in good condition last I saw it in the 2005ish.  Had a very 'shiny' quality to the actual wood... which I don't think I've ever seen before on pine other than that table.  so, that gets my vote

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Alright... The 12 string side wing definitely looks like tightly striped maple. The center blocks could as well be slightly flamed birch but I wouldn't put my money on that. Natural birch and maple can be very difficult to tell from each other. Both can have stripes, flames, birdseye and whatnot. Burning might give a clue as I've read that maple smells like syrup and birch like firewood.


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9 hours ago, LittleThings said:

Are you suggesting that i should burn the guitar to find out the type of wood 🙂

Definitely! A bonfire to smell the wood!

But yes, scorching or rather roasting some invisible part like the trem cavity with a lighter should give you the scent without sacrificing the structural integrity. Or you could even carve a minuscule bevel to the edge of the trem cavity and burn the shavings separately.

That said, burning just one part may not reveal the whole truth! The tight striping at the edge looks like figured maple but the large flames in the center blocks look like the flamed birch I've seen. So if that's a mix of the two you'd have to chop along the seams carve a chip off the control cavity as well and compare the smell of the burned shavings.


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seeing the front I agree it looks like a whole nuther animal.  I could def be maple... but wood grain is so fickle.  I've got some figured basswood that looks a lot like that.  contrary to it's reputation this basswood is pretty hard (harder than hard pine but softer than maple).  Just pointing out that all popular beliefs about wood are just generalizations.  in cases like this... at best you have a guess unless you do a dna test (jk). 

that guitar shape looks like aria pro.  given that... or some other big mfg, I'm much more inclined to guess maple.  if it was some small luthier... who the heck knows - could be made of figured cheese!

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Mother of God that thing must weigh a tankerful of trucks if it's Maple.

And...did someone say FIRE? (🤩) Oh yes, I'm in.

But...on to more important business...

The pickups, the Bill Lawrence side.

Are they gray cable or red cable?

I'm a huge fan of 'da Stitch', have tons of those old Lawrence L-500 series pickups.

Gray wire is original deal from the way-back machine in Tennessee.

Red wire is the imposter dude fella.

Your blades (I think) look like the 'thin' ones (red cable impostah)

I'd like to know the specific models too (usually a label on the underside).

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