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What would YOU use?

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I would use a woodrasp, WITH the grain, and varying sandpaper grits from 80 to 400. Draw out both edges, where the bevels begin, on the guitar with a marker. ie. top and side and don't do over the lines. I stress WITH the grain because you don't want to tear out any wood by going across the grain.

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The outer contours of the horns you can easily do with a spokeshave and planes.

The inner beveled cutaways are probably best done with a router or drum sander.

The arm scoop is tricky because it's so big and it's concave. I think the belt sander is pretty much the only way to go for that. Except maybe a concave spoke shave or small hand plane.

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if it's all a constant 45 degree bevel, just cut out the body bigger in some places, then put the whole body thru the router, then trimm off the excess to get regions that only have a bit of the bevel... follow me?

other then that.... i'd say 3 hours with a spokeshave and a little straight edge ruler(arm rest) to get the whole thing looking acceptable

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