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"relicing" a guitar

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here it is in three easy steps

1... click 'search' at the top of this page

2... type in 'relic'

3... hit search

2.1 Change "Search Where" to "All Forums"

2.2 Change "Search posts from..." to "Any date"

2.3 Change the other "Search Where" to "Search titles only"

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:D well i have been relicing my 57' reissue and I think its lookin cool. I really don't knw what I 'm doin but slowly it is taking shape. I have read the threads that have been on here about relicing, i didn't realize that it was such a disputed topic and I don't understand why someone would says such negative things about what someone else is doing to their own property. Any hoo, when I'm done I'll let them bash my project. Its my first one so I'll welcome the criticisim.

I know its a 57 reissue, but don't comment on ruining a $1700 guitar as I bought it used for $200 and a 70's reissue.

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