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Filling My Routed Design

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hello all i have a question to ask.

im making a new guitar, Prior to the one that got smashed, but anyways,

i have done a Design Routed into the guitar body around 12 inches long by 5

and i routed down: 1Cm

Has anyone any idea what i should put into the design?


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I've found that good plumber's solder is pretty well suited for inlays. The stuff I used contains tin and copper. Seems to stay shiny well. I haven't put any type of finish over it so I can't tell you how unstable it might be with some finishes.

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Use the 2-part epoxy available at local hardware stores, the stuff with the 2 plungers side-by-side, and mix whatever you decide you want in there up in the epoxy.

Go to a craft store to find your filler, you'll probably find something suitable in there to use...silver sparkles or whatever floats yer boat...why not use, like, a quart your own blood? :D

That 2-part stuff dries hard as a freaking brick when at full-cure.

PS, what does your avatar stand for?


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yeah that looks kewl the copper filings mixed with epoxy, im just thinking of the blood thing though, :D

ah know, here is a picture of the guitar itself, its from a webcam, because my dad is gone off today so he took the digitalcamera with him, but you get the Idea.


so thats bacicly it, but i can easily Make the Depth of the guitar design in the middle 3-4mm thats no problum, cause im gonna plane it anyways.

so any idea's?

Sorry about the crap foto's again.


KAS Stands For My Initials, Keith Anthony Sherwood, just messin around with logo's. B)

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your design is right in the way of all your bridge and pickup routs....

looks like if that is what you want then you need to rout all the cavities before you fill that big cavern you made,because whatever you use is likely to ruin alot of router bits if you do it afterwards

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gofor the goldstone effect, its cool!! giving me ideas now!!! good job! epoxy is tough stuff btw, ,so i would rout your pickup and bridge stuff now, epoxy can crackalso, another good reson to route now! looks kinda RG what sorta spec is it gonna have? keep it up, and the pics flowing!!


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yeah, thats what i was thinking, but its much harder than i thought, lol, but ill figure it.

put a transparency paper over the rout on your guitar,trace it out with a marker,then stick it to the top of your figured piece of wood and rout it to the proper shape.then plane it to thickness and presto

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yeah ok, kewl, i have done one allready, i made it a Mill, bigger than it was ment to be, so i gotta start filling it down now, ill try it and see how it works,

Whats the best thing do ya think i should cut out the design with?

and if it doesnt fix exactly and say if i use a bit of wood filler, will it look Crap?

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