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Fretboards with no inlay

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It struck me the other day how damn cool it would look to have a fretboard without any fret markers on it (obviously you'd need the markers on the edge of the board to look at when playing). Strangely I've never seen a guitar with a non-marked fretboard.

Do you think this would make the guitar too hard to play, look stupid, or what?

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find somewhere that sells pre-made necks/boards with no inlays, I'd like to go that route

stewmac and lmii

stewmac is more reliable,IF they have the scale length and material you want

lmii has much more choice,but they are not neary as fas filling the orders...i waited about 6 weeks before mine came in...stewmac will have it there in a few days

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at least we have finished guitars... :)

I just spewed coke all over my keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, my desk, dribbled more onto my new jeans, and stained my shirt.

Please let us know in advance if your going to pull funnies like that!!


wear a bib...i have one of those with the lobster on it for when i am on the internet

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I agree with wes. I prefer an inlayless fretboard. When I built my bass, I didn't even consider fret markers other than side markers. LGM is right in mentioning that classical have neither fretboard nor side markers on them. Much respect to my classical guitar playing friend!

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