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Fret board oil

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...then let it dry a day or two, then buff the bejeezus out of it.

Rosewood actually stays oily for danged near forever, if you sanded your fretboard even lightly, you'd see the oils pop right out. It's just the very surface that sometimes dries out, the woods' natural oils are sitting there right below the surface, so it's not like you are trying to re-invigorate the entire piece of wood, usually it's natural oils will far outlast anything you'll ever put on it.

Just so you understand exactly what it is you're doing when you 'oil' a fretboard.

Some products actually put a 'finish coat' over the rosewood, like Tru-Oil. It dries just like lacquer or shellac or poly or anything else, but very very thinly. So there, you're not really even 'oiling' the 'board, but actually 'sealing' in the oils it already has (for awhile anyway)

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i will use linseed oil, as it is what i have

very lightly....rosewood doesn't need much

very lightly...got it, thanks again guys

VERY lightly, i did the same thing as TSL my first time around, only i was doing the back of the neck aswell, that thing was sticky and mucky feeling for almost a month, but it's my favorite neck now :D so LIGHT coats!

PS i love the smell of double boiled linseed oil.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Yeah, very lightly and hardly ever even do it. Like was said, that wood already has oil in it. If you keep your guitar in a decent environment, it's not going to get the natural oil all sucked out. There are guys with 60's guitars that they've never put oil on, and the boards are fine. Sure, they might need cleaning now and then, but don't oil it just because it needs cleaning.

Wood sounds better when it's dry and has little air pockets throughout it. Probably not the best thing for tone, to go sponging it all up with penetrating oil glop stuff.

Your fingers put oil on the wood. Yeah kind of creepy, but it's not my fault.

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