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  1. Thanks, I was surprised to see the width of the thing when it arrived. It should be said however, that this is a fairly small body size. The plan for one of these bodies is to cover it with a spruce top (for aesthetic purposes mainly), I'm thinking something like this: Body: Spruce top, mahogany back Neck: Maple, headstock design TBD. Bridge: Wilkinson trem Pickups: Some form of soapbar/humbucker combination
  2. So, it's been a while... Having not built a guitar for some time, I was quite surprised to come back here and see how long it actually was since I last put a guitar together. Searching for my last build thread it turns out I haven't been active for 7 years: I did change the plans for that build to a body milled from billet aluminium, I even managed to finish one half of the body on a CNC before graduating from university. Having lost easy access to a workshop, and spending a number of years living on three different continents, I had to put most guitar-building activities aside for a while. H
  3. What type of switch are you using for the footswitch?
  4. I still can't see how the tuners are supposed to mount? Any possibility of placing the tuners there as a mock-up and taking the picture?
  5. I posted that while you where replying to the original question. It'd be nice to see a drawing on how you're gonna pull this of, I've got some ideas of my own that I might put into practise one day.
  6. Just remember, sunlight is your friend. Also, it is best if the sun is behind you while you take the pictures so it doesn't wash out the photo. Taking good photos indoors (especially with point and click cameras) is much more difficult. Thanks, too bad I'm currently living on the Swedish west coast then, expect good pictures next summer!
  7. Couldn't agree with you more on the crappy pictures I'd like to see much clearer pictures myself. I can't begin to say how pissed I am at the lousy pictures, for some reason I just can't get a guitar to look like it should on a picture. It's so frustrating not being able to capture your own perception of the instrument, someone should really put a guitar picture taking tutorial on here
  8. Ok here we go, this is my third build wich I built back in may I think, and then it was a long time until it got a finish. It has been finished for about a month now but I've been on vacation in australia. Specs: Pretty much a copy of a 70's deluxe -GFS split humbuckers -Vintage style trem -Wilkinson kluson-style tuners -Graphtec nut -25,5" scale maple neck+fretboard with plastic dots. -All black with b/w/b pickguard and binding front and back for some discrete outlining of the body and pickguard. -Finished with nitrocellulose laquer, not because I believe it will sound
  9. as far as I can tell he is actually using a HSS...
  10. Well... here's my first GOTM entry Specs: Woods: Ash Body finished in nitro. Flatsawn maple neck, scarfjointed headstock at 14 degrees. 25,5" scale Ebony fretboard Hardware: Licensed Floyd Rose tremolo Wilkinson EZ-lock tuners beveled plastic knobs Hot rod truss rod Electronics: Neck: Gfs Lil killer Bridge: PAF style humbucker Two push/pull knobs for splitting coils, and selecting north/south coil. 3-way selector switch neck/both/brigde Missing cavity covers in the pics...
  11. I was just using the numbers on the questions in the original post when I replied. The number before the answer in my post corresponds to the number of the question asked in the original post.
  12. 1.About fret slotting I'd say buy a slotted fretboard, unless you REALLY want to slot it yourself for some reason. 2.You can use the stew mac templates for a floyd rose, but and your post is suggesting that you might have to read up on templates and how to use them. 3.I don't really understand the concern here since you said you're building a mockingbird.
  13. Hint: if there are little red dots under a word after you've written it...it's misspelled.
  14. As for the international copyright laws...It was legal to download music from the internet where I live up until a couple of weeks ago...I don't think it was like that all over the world..
  15. Jeff, that's true so far as it goes, but fraud is a criminal complaint, while trademark infringement is a civil cause of action - you do understand the difference, right? And not only is the burden of proof reduced in civil court (...beyond a reasonable doubt... is relaxed to ...the preponderance of the evidence supports...), but they don't have to show intent - even inadvertent infringement is actionable. SO while you can't go to jail (the result of a criminal prosecution) for infringement, you can end up owing the plaintiffs your next 30 years salary. Did you guys miss the whole Monster C
  16. CORRECT ← So you´re actually saying that what he´s doing up to the point of completing the guitar Is legal...So what´s actually your problem then if he's telling you he's not gonna sell it?? You can't really prosecute people because you think they're gonna commit a crime.. Not really... Hey, what about stickers..they carry the companys logo...Are you not allowed to put them on anything then?? And as fo the toyota/Lamborghini... that´s not a very good comparison...It's more like building an exact replica of the shelby 427 ac cobra...a car wich is to most people unavail
  17. Umm...he want´s to build a jem...since there are no (real) jems for leftys...Of course He wants it to be as close to the original as possible...There is some personal benefit to some people in actuallty making it look as close to the real thing as possible...Maybe you don´t agree with this since you feel differently about it... But he´s not gonna sell it...and If he were...leftys would know that the only lefty jem is the 555 anyway...
  18. If you´re a decent photographer a cool idea would be to take a photo of your piece of wood...and use that as a texture..That way you could render the guitar with the correct grain pattern..
  19. I did that in 10 min today...while cooking my dinner..You can kinda see what the wood textures look like in Sw...
  20. Is it just me...or does that bass look really small sitting in that chair..looks kinda like the whole neck is just about as long as the the back of the chair...
  21. I use SolidWorks 2004 for a lot of stuff in school etc... It´s really easy for a newbie to learn actually..W/o any tutorials or anything I could make a basic Lamborghini Countach shape after a week of playing around with the program every now & then...And you can render different types of materials as well.. It just makes it heaps more fun to work with when your models actually look something like it would do in reality...It is quite expensive, but you could always get it of the internet or something
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