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Crazy Irridescent Chrome Snake Skin

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Well, here was my latest challenge, the surface looks bumpy, but it's dead smooth, sadly, pictures cannot possibly capture what this looks like in person, it's wild!






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It's not a carve no, just a standard wood violins viper. I'm not going to get into detail on how I did the finish as I'm still working to get it perfect, and, it took me forever to come up with a deadly solution to this finish and part of me wants to keep that a secret. The paints though were all SEM or HOK Kandy concentrates. The yellow is under all the other colors, then touched up over them again. Since they are all Kandy's, you see through them and see the color changes happening in the fade better than if they were solid base. I'm thrilled with this finish, all that's left is to sand it and buff it out now :D


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HA SWEEET B) I was Waiting for you to post this thing man!!!!!

Guy's this thing is SO NUT'S in person :DB):D


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Cool Jeremy, I completely understand the "secrecy to the science" :D , I know they were candies, just wanted to know the brand. I realy couldn't tell that the yellow was painted first, but as you mentioned that you painted over again, I understand why.

I have been playing with candies (translucent) but only with the createx for now, until I get a better paint set up. Looking at it reminder me of the helicopter body tutorial! Very similar colors!

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