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Drop Top RG7/JPM7

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its a Hardtail, I'm using a Hipshot 7 string Hardtail bridge, IMO the best Hardtail Bridge available.,

The first color is actually Silver Dye It's used to get contrast, most of it was sanded off just before doing the Blue/Green so only the darker areas of the silver remained. The Drop Top is a 1/4" thick bookmatch we re-sawed from a 2" thick Billet, we got 3 tops out of it. Here's the other 2 tops bent over SanDimas Charvel Replica Bodies


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Just wondering, are you gonna paint the sides, like a les paul sunburst???

Originally, the plan was to either clear the back or to use a really weak black dye first. the edges of the top were also to be natural but all that went to hell in a handbasket when the body was routed. The Mahogany Body had a couple places where there was some pretty ugly tearout (see filler in 1st 3 photos on top horn).There are a couple really small spots on the edge of the top as well. anyone who has worked with highly figured wood knows what I'm talking about. The only way that could have been avoided was to cut the body and top oversized on the pin router and sand the edges back to final shape. Live and learn i guess. so anyhoo the sides and back will be black

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B) One question:

How did you apply the top over the contoured body?

:D One more:

Could you post the dimensions of the AANJ pocket or even the whole template for AANJ RG style body?

mullmuzzler | OSSMT

the top is bent in a big Vacuum bag, it looks like a giant ziplock bag with a vacuum pump attached

I the template was made from my RG 7620vk, I changed the control cavity route to the JPM cavity and it has an angled jack like the Jems do.

I'd post the template but Plywood is hard to upload :D

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