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Stuck On Design! Argh...

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I am totally lost here. This is an update and a modified version of my original 'Rokeros AT1' design. The horn is missing as some may realise, and thats because I can't approach to drawing that area. I am officially stuck. If there are any thoughts on how this design could come out, can someone pls do a quick add-on drawing to the pic or even a rough shape with 'paint'. Thanks! Appreciated. If there are any artists out there who are reading, pls make my day!



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I think it would look cool with A mocking bird style horn but longer and more aggressive just my 2 pennys


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That ravelle copy i posted above gets played live quite often. It was built for my cousin because he liked the design of the ravelle but didnt want a fernandes. It gets a very good response when its played live., people love the shape and most have never seen the original ravelle to know its a fernandes copy.

I only redesigned the shape because i wanted to build more but couldnt bring myself to keep copying a design

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