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Maple top stained blue


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Hi everyone!

I am having a maple veneer top put on an Ibanez RG body I have (customised by Brian from floyd to hardtail-you may have seen the tutorial)

Paul from www.arrowheadguitars.com is going to do it for me but I am trying to come up with ideas for the particular shade of blue stain to have.

The hardtail hardware is black

The pickups will be black or blue.

The neck is flame maple with a blue vine inlay

So a request:

If you have seen any pics of shades of blue stained veneer could you post them here pics or urls because I need some ideas of which shade of blue :D

I may also go for a bit of a black sunburst too

Thanks very much in advance


Simon B)

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Hi Simon,

There is an old saying: Ask and ye shall receive.

I built a Tele with a maple top and stained it blue. You can see it HERE. Scroll down a bit and click on Blue Guitar for pix with and without nitro. Includes tips on finishing. :DB):D !!!!!!! or :D

Foe dye sources, LMII, STEWMAC, or RERANCH. And don't forget good old Home Deport, Lowes, or your favorite hardware store for certain colors.

And remember to use that camera!!!!

Guitar Ed

Advice worth what you paid for it. Nothing.

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this thread made me thing of the blue man group... it'd be cool if they had like all solid blue guitars.. like.. plated parts.. frets.. strings... lol everything

I just saw them last night. It was freakin' awsome.

Makes me want to make a guitar out of PVC pipe. :D

sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! i'm going to listen to them right now!!! lol.. hmm... pvc guitar.... that sounds like a good contest for us to have..

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