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Van Halen Finish?


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hi, i have sanded and primed my squire strat so its now very smooth and very white, i want to end up with this design for the body http://www.rocknrollvintage.com/prodimages/05%20evh%20b.jpg, to do this i will spray the whole body yellow and then put tape down to make the stripes, spray black and take of the tape so i have a black body and yellow stripes. Is this the correct way to make the design??

also two more questions,

1) what type of tape should i use, because wouldnt some just take paint of?

2) i have brought a spray can of "plasti-kote ployurethane varnish- satin" to spray at the end of the project is this stuff OK?

sorry for all the questions but i need to be sure.


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Check out the Guitar Building Photo Gallery link here.. You can see that the exact method used, was to spray the guitar yellow basecoat first, then taped it off, sprayed the black just like you thought. Basically whatever color you want the stripes, that's what color you should do first. As far as tape used, just use different sizes of masking tape, and if you use the right kind of paint you won't have any peeling when you take it off. Just make sure your clear is compatible with the basecoat paint, if not it could give you problems. In other words, stick with the same kind and brand of paint to make sure it's compatible. If in doubt call the company and ask. Practice on scrap, etc. Just don't paint the guitar until your sure. Also, if your going to use spray cans to paint your guitar, you might want to buy the video from PaintYourOwnGuitar.com ... Good luck

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...I have something that would help you a TON. :D...
6, if you have something you'd like to share with the group, we'd love to hear it! If you have something to sell, take to the classifieds. This is your only warning. If I'm misjudging your intent here, I'll apologize, but we frown on shilling around here. 'Nuff said.
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No no, I wasnt' trying to sell anything. My friend bought me that PaintYourOwnGuitar thing a week ago because he knew I was thinking of painting my guitar with the EVH design. I was just going to send the PDF book to pike, lol. It's actually very helpful, very, VERY detailed.


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