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Fav Guitar Leads?

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Robert Johnson-If I Had Posession Over Judgementday

Muddy Waters-Rollin Stone

John Lee Hooker-I'm Going to Shoot you Down

Mark Knoppler-Sultans of Swing

David Gilmour-Murder-Comfortably Numb

Jimmy Page-In my Time f Dying

Matt "guitar" Murphy-Sweet Home Chicago

Jack White-Catch Hell Blues

Satriani-Satch Boogie

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My favorite guitarist would have to be Xavier Swift (not his real name) from the band Preston Swift. He's just ridiculously good and can do basically anything.


Xavior Swift (from Preston Swift)- Fascinating ;myspace.com/prestonswift

Steve Vai- The Crying Machine

Sixx A.M. - Heart Failure

Prince - Fury or the Super bowl 2007 halftime show

Jimmy Page - Ten Years Gone

Tommy Emmanuel - (any of his songs)

Dan and Justin Hawkins (from the Darkness)- "I believe in a thing called love" and "holding my own"

Edited by Mr. Preston Swift
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Wow I’m post number 33 and I didn’t see Voodoo Child slight return from Jimi! Give some love to Jimi folks.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard- blue on black. God that tone is to die for!

For the most part I’d rather hear a jamming rhythm track than a fluffy lead solo and for great rhythm guitar I look no further than Max Cavalera. Simply the best!

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