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Help With An Idea For An Inlay

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im planing and ordering parts for a guitar but i came across the problem of not know what i want for an inlay .. . my original plan i had drawn up was an angle from the 19th fret to the 9th but the poblem was that most of the wings got cut off and they were the main thing in the inlay... so i decided not to use it and come up with somthing else but im just not sure yet... i want the inlay to look metal as hell but im just not sure... any suggestions would be great a.ka.(what u think looks metal ,ha ha kinda hope metal matt will see this one)B):D:D

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i want the inlay to look metal as hell

And you were going to do an Angel ??? :D ???

Hmmm ... I hope it was a least an avenging angel.

Let see; viper, cobra, scorpian, chain saw killer, zombie, skeleton, bloody axe, bloody axe guitar, sword sticky out of a skull, skull pile, burning skull, burning guitar, skeleton angel, demon, flamming demon, flamming demon with a sword through his head, and that's just my short list. How about a cobra wrapped around a sword?

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say man..not to "harsh your gig" or anything...but shouldn't you be trying todo your own creative work?

one thing i can promise you is that if you ask for artistic ideas from everybody else,your stuff will always be less than innovative.

look around the net a bit....see if you can't get inspiration from mcnaught guitars,or esp gallery,or google pictures...combine some ideas,or just think in your own head what YOU consider metal.

if you can't think of "metal" ideas...then you are not "metal" enough to use them in my opinion...in the 80s we would call that being a poseur...just letting you know.

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