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Enter The Dragon

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Thanks for all the nice comments guys.

To answer the last post, the dragon head is made up of


Red Abalone

Gold Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl

Silver Fantail


Mammoth Ivory

On Rosewood

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they are amazing!

much kudos!

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do you use computer software for the design or do you usually draw them? and also (sorry if i seem inquisitive) do you cut all the inlays and rout the channels by hand?

I start by drawing everything by hand. Then I use Corel Draw to vectorize and clean up the sketches. From there I cut and route everything with a cam machine. I use to do it all by hand of years until I finally bit the bullet and bought a cam machine. I was good before, but my quality has definately taken a step up with the computer. There are times when it would be faster for me to do it by hand, but I still use the cam machine for the accurracy of it.

By Hand:


By Machine:


I know to the untrained eye it hard to tell the difference, but I can tell. If you want a more detailed description of how I inlay, go to my web-site and check out the "Workshop" or "Special Projects" sections. Shark Inlay Website

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