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thats a really old beat to **** jackson rhoads v that i bought almost 3 years ago for 25 bucks. i had posted a few questions about work on it 2 summers ago when i was working on it, and then i got really busy and had to leave it. anyways so i pulled it back out and finished the staining and am starting to clearcoat it. right now the photo you see it is drying from the grain filler i used to level out the flamed maple. that maple is just a paper thin veneer btw, the actual guitar is plywood underneath B)

the staining was pretty simple, took me a while to figure out how to get it to not bleed though. I shot a really thin coat of clear nitro on it and then sanded with 400 grit, then drew the design on and cut thin grooves along the lines with an exacto knife. didnt bleed at all :D after i get the top sanded level ill start clearcoating hte whole thing. i like :D

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hondo huh. ok cool. there was a jackson logo on the headstock that i guess i took at face value but then again it did look kind of funny and i wonder if the guy who was working on it before me added it himself for whatever reason. he did alot of strange things to this guitar and basically trashed it and color-penciled really poorly drawn flames onto the top, along with adding alot of dents and gouges that i had to fill. he was a real knob who apparently always insisted on eating bananas onstage at shows because it made him play faster???

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It would probably be easier it you just tinted lacquer and the tape of areas and then spray it, the lacquer should hold the dye and prevent it from leaking it under the tape....But this seemed to work well too. I actually put bananas in my car to make it run faster :D sounds like a smuck.


Tinted lacquer is the way to go for something like this.

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