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My definate next project...

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ok, now look at the mirrocaster. I'm building my own version of that. Glyn and I have already spoken, and he has told me how to get to attaching the mirrors, and grouting it. Now all i have to do is choose a guitar to use. I would also like to do the sides, as from certain angles, you can see the guitar popping up on Glyn's, an i FInd that imperfect, and not perfectly beautiful. My ideas to use as a guitar are:

Fender Standard Telecaster- More area to use, plus the upper circle, would be perfect for a mirror-ball like thing, plus the edges aren't contoured, perfect for mirror glueing

Ibanez Jet King Series JTK1- Has a cool 60's body style, and is only 300 bucks. Plus the pickguard is metal, and would blend in with the mirrors.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II- Super cheap ($150), non-arched top, would need new pickups, tuners, and bridge, plus shielding of the conrol cavity, would come out to about 300 as well, but the LP style would be cool, just i'd need a non-archtop.

if you don't know what any of these look like, check musiciansfriend.com I don't have links, i'm looking at the paper catalog..

so? :D

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my knife is use file.. file is good material for knife.

it is more strong ...

if you make knife.. do not heat file.. if file is heat..... knife is not strong..

sorry.. i cant speak english so my sentence is not good.. T_T

thank you..

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the vault : go to vai.com, click on machines, then "steve's guitars". The mirrored 7string is in the 2nd gallery.

back to mdf...what would possess the man to do that? I mean if he's already got mahogany, why add particleboard? makes no sense to me. The guitar looks great except the mdf stone backing and headstock. He should have stayed with all gloss mahogany.

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Each piece of the mirror is hand cut and carefully positioned on the face of the guitar. Each piece is angled a bit differently so the light reflects in different directions.

looks like they just punched the mirror with a rubber hamer while the flue was setting :D:DB)

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