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Nice blues pickups?


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I was looking for some nice blues/rock pickups. i was looking at the SRV sig. model strat pickups. the texas specials. but im getting very mixed reviews. I know their somewhat hot which would be nice for some blues but can it go heavy? Its a strat i assume it can but i cant be sure. Would it work with a solid state amp? if not can someone reccomend some?

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Lace Sensor Hot Golds with the 13.2K bridge option.

About $123.00 for the set at AAMPS.

I've got a set of these waiting for a guitar to cure they're going in so I can't personally comment on them yet, but I've heard several MP3's using these, they definitely do blues and heavy rock.

But pkp opinions are like, well, you know...everybody's got one.

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Snork, go here.

The FDP Search Engine

When you get there, under 'search username', type in SMark.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says 'display in groups of', and enter 50.

That's it, leave all other boxes alone, (unless later on you want to search the archived section for more of his posts from way back)...

Then hit the search button at the bottom of the page.

Mark is like 'Mr. Pickup' over at the FDP. :D

This will show you SMarks posts, and a lot of them have his MP3 links at the bottom of his posts. He is a walking talking playing Lace Sensor user, the Hot Golds being his favorites. But you can read his posts for yourself.

There are lots of links to his clips using the Hot Golds with the 13.2 SC bridge, the 'dually' HB bridge, some Alumitone clips, some Holy Grail clips. Some clean clips, mostly dirty/distorted.

Just keep rolling thru his posts, he's got a slew of links at the bottom of his posts, the Hot Golds are his overall favorites.

Good luck. B)

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I almost always pre-amp my guitars these days, adding in an EMG Afterburner after everything else.

If you wanted a really outstanding setup, (IMO) use the Holy Grails with an on-board Afterburner and either, or both, the SPC and/or EXG control.

The Holy Grails will give you the great cleans they're known for, the A-burner (turned up) will boost those bastards up to 'holy ****' land levels.

The SPC control fattens up the mids to make them sound like a HB.

The EXG control rolls off mids and fattens up highs and lows to give you unbelievable clean bell-tone.

All the EMG controls run around $40.00/each or so...

Now THAT'S my idea of versatility, and pretty much the way I'm wiring up all my guitars these days. From Bell-Clean to Screamin' Mean, all on-board.

I don't use much in the way of pedals anymore, and I like a lot of versatility right at my fingertips on the guitar itself.

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i had a mid 90's strat with lace censors in it, they had gold lettering, and it had a lace censor humbucker in the bridge with blue lettering on it. i couldn't tell you what the lettering means, but it had a fierce bluse tone in the 4 position. i would still have it, but she bit the "let me get stolen" bug at a gig on new years 2000. she had a salmon colored body, really sweet, i miss her.

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what about the seymore duncan pickup booster? i really cant afford too much preamp stuff? i heard thats nice!

Snork...I use the Duncan stuff mostly and I have to recommend the Duncan single coil antiquities first and then the SSL1s and the APS1s...The SSL1s are A5 poles..Nice clean,jangly,bell like tones in the vintage strat way..The APS1s are also staggered pole but use A2 poles...This is a warmer,smoother version of the SSL1s above...Still plenty of jangle but not as toppy or glass-like in the highs...

The Antiquities are like the pickups above but are more 3 dimensional in tone...There's a certain "space" for lack of a better way to explain it to these pickups...This set comes with a very balanced 3 in that the bridge is like a 9k pickup and the neck and middle are at around 7k or less..It's hard to beat these pickups..

I also like the Fender Fat 50s and the CS 54s but I feel the Fender pickups are more hi fi sounding or harder sounding compared to the 3 Duncans I mention..


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