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How Much Meat Behing Truss Rod?

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Check LMII next time you buy rods, and have a look at their dual action rods. Much shallower in terms of the trench required, so you can either have a skinnier neck or "more reassurance about your meat".

My favorite is the Allied Lutherie double action truss rod. http://www.alliedlutherie.com/truss_rods.htm

Their profile is low enough that you can still carve a relatively thin neck.

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ummm...what size is the warmoth rod?it gives almost no info...I have my doubts about the non welded nut too...or do they weld it when you order it?

I do notice they are selling SS wire now though...seems a bit pricey...$25 for "one guitars worth...

At Allied Lutherie I notice you get 25' for $30....by my calculations that comes out to 5 standard guitars worth minimum...or am I missing something?

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Incidentally and a bit off topic...the SS fretwire at Allied is the best price I have seen...you guys might want to snap up some of that while it is available...I just grabbed 50' of it...might get more if it comes in and works well.....never know when it might drop off the market...

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My favorite is the Allied Lutherie double action truss rod.

That rod is the same size as the LMII rod,just so you know.

I've heard that while they are basically exactly the same rod, the ones from Allied are higher quality. I've not used them, only the ones from LMI, so I can't judge. The only complaint I have with the LMI rods is that occasionally I have to file down the welds on the side a bit where flat stock on top is welded to the bar stock that the rod threads through.

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