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Nut spacing tool


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I'm in Australia and looking for a measuring tool to give me accurate spacing when making a bone nut.

I have tried to do it by marking increments, but when you actually cut the nut it may not be in the right position.

is there some tool that you can lay across the top of the nut that already has slots in it ??

I find when I mark the nut with a pencil and cut away there are always slight spacing problems !!

Also can anyone recommend an honest parts store online to get things like wire for pickups, copper tape, pickups etc..We really have a lack of them here in Australia.

Cheers !



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Thanks for the info.

Neither shop have the Texas Specials for the Tele, though they do have other interesting bits ! (I mean I can't even get 22 guage cloth covered wire here !)

The ruler looks like the go, I'm sick of resanding the nuts down and starting again !

StewMac is great, but by the time I pay all the bloody import duties and postage it costs me a bundle...it really sucks.

The only way to get the goos stuff from USA is if they post USPS and it's under $400 with 'gift' marked on it !!!...too much trouble for big companies.

I have just built a TELE, hence needing the Texas Specials, but I do replace nuts for friends as I can't stand to see them play otherwise OK guitars with pastic.

I have done two refrets as well, and that is an art in itself ! It's all about learning, so I'll just plod on until I get it perfect.

Has anyone heard of Guitar Parts Resource ? They have Ebay auctions and also a website.

Deborah in dull old Sydney with NO Guitar Parts stores !

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Thanks guys...Zzounds is great BUT "We do not ship outside of the U.S."...I'm in Australia !

I need to find a store that will ship to me here...

I HAVE actually been so frustrated that i've hopped a plane and headed to LA just to buy guitars...it really works out cheaper...go figure that !

The problem is with the customs, they add all sorts of tax on the item until it's more expensive than I can get here.

Too bad they don't xmas wrap this time of year...then it can be disguised as a gift..getting around that customs person...!

The ruler, well I'll have to bite the bullet as we can't get them locally..

Thanks again !

yes I think I've soldered the input earth to the same spot as the capacitor earth..maybe that is the problem..

Don't you LOVE the smell of solder ???? LOL !

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I can't think of why you can't just act like you've brought the guitar(s) from Australia and are just taking them back home. I have taken my strat to Europe twice and take the neck off and have the neck and body in a regular suitcase. last time I came back I had a bunch of tools I bought, even still had the price tags on them. Claimed them on the customs card, but no tax. find an ad for a guitar that looks similar, but is a super-cheap one, so you can say that's the guitar you bought, that is, if you really have to tell customs.

Should I tell about the 4,000 year old vase I had to transport early this year ? No, better not. Still puts a knot in my stomach thinking about it.


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I can't think of why you can't just act like you've brought the guitar(s) from Australia and are just taking them back home.

Because they can, and will, still charge you the customs, with the offer of a refund if and when you can supply reciepts showing proof of a prior purchase, AND customs duties paid back then, if you imported it directly.


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