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dumb quetsion

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I know there was a company somewhere down the line that made a 12 string where the headstock had 3 'normal' tuners that stuck out the side, and 3 'classical' style tuners, sticking out the back per side, and the tuners (obviously) were intermingled...that is to say they'd have 1 sideways, 1 out the back, 1 sidways, 1 out the back, etc...

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Mahogany with all that missing wood; it's not up there with the strongest necks, for sure. And if it's got a classical type body, the addition of 6 extra strings could really cause problems or weird stuff. PLUS, is this the nylon stringed guitar, you want to switch to steel strings ? From 6 nylon to 12 steel ? Uh oh.


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