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how much?

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But it's such a shame to cut up those nice 2 foot long pieces of fret-wire. Why can't we just leave them as they are, and make 2 foot wide, 60 string guitar necks with them ?


not all of us have alien long fingers like vai and johnson B)

plus wouldn't that only be a 2 fret guitar? :D

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Forgot to say that I've been fretting for a long time, so if you are starting out, you might need extra wire. maybe 6 feet for a neck to be safe. You wouldn't want to order only 4 feet, pay the shipping, mess up some wire, need just 2.5 inches more wire, then have to make a whole other order to get it.

Just bought a big handful of StewMac #155. This is THE wire, I've been wanting for my own neck for quite a while now. I consider it to be the perfect size.

I like the actual size of the pieces I have better than Stewmacs listed specs, which are .050" high .080" wide

Mine is .048" high .082"--.088" wide

And if you're fretting a bass, consider how stupid it is to put high wire on a bass neck. The damn big-ass strings already keep your fingers off the board wood.

I didn't come up with the idea to use small frets on bass. Ive read about it here and there, and it makes perfect sense.

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