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Kramer Imperial

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Well my first real post :D . At the moment Im modifying my kramer imperial I bought from music yo a while back (I couldnt resist, it was on offer for $150). I bought it origionally for alternative/drop tunings (its the only fixed bridge guitar I own) but I am soon to have a custom 8 string, I doubt im going to need to go lower than F#, hence the kramer needs a new assignment.

Ive decided to go for the old skool 80s shred machine look. So the paints coming off and Im filling the neck pickup hole and Its having a respray. Question number one; What colour do you recon would suit the guitar?

Ive scalloped 15th upwards allready.


Question number two; What do you think to my first scalloping attempt?.

Im just looking for some general input on the project from some other people, Im open to all krazy Ideas so just throw something at me, I might actually do it! :D

Also, Heres a pic of the kramer before the mods nestled in my collection (the SK is pink, I just cant take photographs B) lol)


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Thanks for the kind words guys :D Im thinking about sanding down the back of the neck just to take the sticky finish off. Any tips? what grit paper should I use? Also, once Ive sanded the neck what finish should I apply (oil?) or should I just leave it totally raw? Thanks in advance B)

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keep in mind that raw lindseed oil does not protect well from moisture or stains.i have been reading a book,"understanding wood finishing" by bob flexner(which drak reccomended)

this book goes into great detail about oil finishes and the pros and cons of them.....if you want to use an oil finish tung oil is a better vapor barrier,and polymerized oils(such as tru oil)provide much better protection.

there is too much information in that book to go into in one topic,but if you want to protect your neck over the long haul,you might take a look at a hard finish such as varnish(the wiping polyeurethane you can buy in a can is mentioned as a good water barrier)and when it hardens just lightly scuff it with 0000 steel wool...that will make the finish not feel sticky

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

thanx for the info wes. I have a bottle of birchwood kacey tru oil...mymdad brought it home. he works for Sportsmans warehouse. I'll try it out.

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i just used that stuff on my carved top...look at the pictures in the gotm

it works well,but be sure you wipe it on in thin coats,or else it will crack.

you can build it up as thick as you want,but you must do it one thin coat at a time.and buff each coat with 00 steel wool before applying the next one.

tru oil is actally polymerized lindseed oil...they take lindseed oil and bring it up to 500 degrees in an oxygen free atmosphere and it changes the properties and makes it a better barrier

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