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I'm looking for long top woods please help :)

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Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a big guitar body made of swamp ash.

It's 15*28" in size and I'm searching for a top made of a dark wood (Walnut\ Indian rosewood\ wenge).

Does somebody know where I might be able to get a top wood (for a drop top) which is 28 inches long?

If possible - as cheap as possible :)

Thanks !

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I'm located in Israel,

We don't have any kind of the woods I mentioned.

And in any case the wood here is never kiln dried which makes it very moist. I tried using local Korina wood once - due to the moisture in the body and the heat the finished body after a week or so had bubbles coming out of the finish :\

Sooooo I usually use imported woods :)

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Or Dan in Tel Aviv (YetzerHarah here on the forum) to hear were he gets his wood from.

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