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Putting guitar on eBay....Part it out?

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I'm getting ready to put a guitar I won't be able to complete on eBay. I was wondering if I should part the stupid thing out (body, neck, pickups, gig bag), or just sell the whole thing as a project. I seen some Jackson reverse headstock necks go for about the same as a Jackson Dinky with a reverse headstock neck. What's going to get me more money?

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as long as your guitar is not a highly souhgt model, selling parts brings more money in about 98% of the time. Especially necks go for ridiculous prices sometimes. You could however offer what you have here first ;-)

so long


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yeah, if parts are nothing special, sell them with the body, however if they are, sell separately, i've seen used p-ups going as high as 60 bucks for one.

but i think separating body and neck is a good idea - just put both auctions on at the same time and link them to each other, so if someone wants to, can buy both...... which means they'd also bid higher to secure both parts.

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