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Finished Pics! One for Me - No 2 of a Brace (2) of 6 string electrics

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37 minutes ago, curtisa said:

Seriously though, the refinements you're proposing still look like they fit perfectly with the overall package. All I can say is that you're braver than me for going to those lengths having only just completed the guitar. To be honest, based on the MSPaint-ified blackening you'd applied to the pic, I initially thought you were wanting to add bevelled contours to the lower bout and treble cutaway.

Actually, I did consider that - but then came to the conclusion that's not the vibe of the design, so I discounted it :)

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On 01/02/2018 at 5:06 PM, Andyjr1515 said:

I live in hope but, yes, it isn't over until MrsAndyjr1515 sings... ;)


Well - I think I just heard MrsAndyjr1515's dulcet tones... :D

Based on the fact that the votes are locked now, then I think I'm safe to say my many thanks to @Mr Natural and @ScottR above, and to all of the folks who voted for my entry :) 

And for the great entries I was up against - both beautiful guitars @Technology4Musicians and @Pariahrob

Anyway, must go...I believe the local city mayor wants me to make a speech...not usually this much news to report in our city :lol:

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