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does such a thing exist?

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As far as i know, Ibanez and Dean are the only two companies that made production 7-string acoustics.

I own an Ibanez AJ307CE-NT, and it's a really nice instrument. They ship with uncompensated bridge saddles, so intonation is truly awful out of the box, but with a properly compensated saddle, they're quite nice guitars.

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7 and 8 string acoustic guitars are pretty common among custom builders. Archtop builders like Benedetto have been doing them for years. Michael Greenfield just made a sweet eight string, fanned fret, nylon string acoustic for Charlie Hunter. Heatley Guitars also does some awesome hollowbody 7 strings. Custom builders are doing everything you can imagine.

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If you watch the movie "Night at the Opera" by the Marx Borthers, there is a guy playing an 8 string acoustic. It is in the scene where the boat is leaving the dock, and some guy is singing a love song.

Guitar Ed

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