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Finally going to start.

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After much thought on what my first build was going to be ive decided.

I am going to make a tele..


back: Mahogany

top: Maple

Finish: Blue / black burst

Neck: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Ebony

Binding: White single ply.

Hardware: normal tele hardware just gold.

Emg pickups

B) what do you think, this will be my first attempt at building a guitar, so im aiming high :D


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man that's sexy!

good luck, practice your staining and bursting on the excess figured wood so that you know what you're doing or at least have a good idea when you go to actually do the body..

how are you going to get the black peghead? use some ebony veneer? or are you going to paint the entire neck ?

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Im going to paint the whole neck black :D

and the Finishing is the only thing bothering me really, im going to read all the tutorials on staining and burstingi can find. i cant wait, im getting all the tools over the weekend and hopefully next weekend il have the materials B) ( thats if i can find a good supplier in the uk :D )

im also going to get a pearl pick guard, looks more elegant :D

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You could always use another wood and then just dye it black, if it becomes a problem. Different tone and feel, of course, but that could end up being a good thing, depending on whatcha want.

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After reading your 'shopping list' of materials, I realized we were kind of shooting towards the same thing, so I figured I'd toss in a pic of mine. B)

Mahogony body, w/b/w/b/w bound, blue-burst type of finish, except with a Tele, I HAVE to have a Maple neck, it's the traditionalist coming out in me, hehehe...

The pic doesn't show it too well, but the neck is heavily birded Birdseye Maple, great figured birds in it, and that twangin' hardrock Maple tone-to-de-bone-tone.

Although I very much like the look of that Ebony 'board too. :D


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