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Fixing a broken headstock

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That seems quite alright, wouldn't it have been better to plane your pieces of maple to the right thickness first?

It looks like its going to be a lot of work to cut down to thickness...

Then again, I only have manual tools so...

I asume it could work pretty well with a bandsaw .

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And just for the record, I decided to make the repair stealth. The Lmi dyes rock. Got the tint nailed in like 20 minutes. Would have taken forever using food dye or something. Not suprised either. Kinda like using a flathead screwdriver to remove a phillips screw. It can be done, but there's a better way. And everything isnt royally screewed up when yer done

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i agree with rhoads....those plastic things will crimp and spoil the work in a heartbeat...i know because i have done it

Hmmm....like I said, no issues yet, but why take unneccesary risks? I have so much scrap it aint funny. Time to change that. Thatnx guys for saving me later headaches

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do you have a tutorial on how to fix a broken headstock on an acoustic (classical acoustic) since i dont feel like throwing it awa since it was my first, but i need to find some way to fix it to play it

Post a pic. Someone should know. And there's a tutorial on the main site too.

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i think its because the old one was finished and that tinted the wood a bit (even clear finish tints wood) and the new one hasnt been finished,

with my problem i dont know if i should glue the piece back on or saw the broken part off and make a new headstock (its about 1/2 in close to the nut in the closest part)

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