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Sweet pic! Thanks! While I realize that my Airline (its getting there :D ) will be a solidbody, 4 both neck it is very interesting to see how they were actually put together. I guess you have decided to attack the airline project afterall B) Do you plan on doing a solidbody or what?

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bah i have just drawn some stuff and have to get htem printed big, im gettgin all the supplys in the next 2 weeks, and i mean everything..my parents are paying for it! birthday present! lol and jay iv decided to make a semi hollow wood but once the body is made and routed im going to make a mould and attempt a fiberglass body b/c it would be soo much cooler! and lighter, as for the sample written on the inside i believe it was a proto type that photo is of the top halve, you can see the shittiest wiring job ever lol heres a photo of the top



if you correspond that with the bottom i think the neck problems clear up you can see the two bolt holes in the wood center is it just me or is that a very shallow neck joint, perhaps thsi thing had a very thin neck

thats all i can speculate

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I see you have the determination to keep sight of the fiberglass "Airline" guitar, despite previouse warnings lol.... Great pics by the way. .. I hope everything works out right for your project..... Also ... I hope that you have good venting in your home..... working with fiberglass and resin will give off some nasty fumes....your parents my not be too happy with that.... not to mention the itch!!!!! Good luck.....

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Ikke, that is a sweet link. I wonder how much they will charge for one of those copies? Great pics though. I am a little dissapointed now that my copy (once done)wont be as unique :DB) Jory, good idea going with the wood! What did you decide to use as far as a bridge is concerned? I think Im going to do a tune-o-matic and probably a stop tail unless I can find some kind of funky trapeze piece.

check this out they are actually reproducing the airline guitar (probably a cheap copy

Funny thing is, the original airlines were cheap crap. If they reproduce it faithfully, they will essentially be making a crappy guitar. Hopefully they at leas upgrade the hardware and electronics. Regardless, I love em' :D

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