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Oct 01 2014 10:01 AM
Winner for this month's contest is Geoff St. Germaine with his stunning archtop, "Sunrise". As usual this month saw a variety of very strong entries however Geoff's sublime work won out from your voting!
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Sep 02 2014 01:40 PM
Winner for this month is the superb MSR7 "Dune" by Afterimage Guitars!
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Aug 01 2014 02:48 AM
The unanimous winner of this month's Guitar Of The Month contest is long-time forum regular ScottR with the stunning "Justin's Guitar"!
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Jul 01 2014 06:20 AM
A close-run battle between two difficult-to-choose-between contenders this month. Both instruments are fine examples in their own right, however this month's winner as chosen by the forum members is pan_kara with "The Druid"!
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Jun 29 2014 06:26 AM
This amazing tutorial from forum member Technology4Musicians details the steps in making a heavy-duty custom roadcase for your instrument or in fact, any piece of equipment!
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Jun 28 2014 04:02 AM
This month's instrument CAD plan upload is the "Surunmaa 8-string compound scale guitar" by forum regular Prostheta. Head over the to Downloads section to grab a copy or join in the discussion on the forums.
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Jun 19 2014 09:35 AM
Performing the routing of a complex cutout in a guitar body, such as that required for a recessed Floyd Rose Original bridge, can be made much simpler and accurate using a number of interlocking templates fitted to a master baseplate.
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Jun 01 2014 03:06 AM
An extremely tightly-run contest this month between three equally amazing entries resulted in a draw between Menapia's, "The Monroe 5" and demonx's, "Warhound". Special mention of course has to go to the runner-up Sancho Marino for his equally brilliant, "Just Your Average SS".
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May 10 2014 09:59 PM
It's not always necessary to invest in new machinery for the workshop - often what you need is already laying around! Forum member XBIGJIMX describes how he repurposed a spare drill press and put it to better use as the basis for a buffing station.
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May 10 2014 04:20 AM
This month's instrument CAD plan upload is the "JSV Flying V" by forum regular Prostheta. Head over the to Downloads section to grab a copy or join in the discussion on the forums.
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May 01 2014 03:43 AM
Congratulations to long-time forum contributor Huntindoug for his sublime "Black Limba Paradox" winning Guitar Of The Month!
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