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  1. I like Smuttynose Old Brown Dog. I did get my first bottle because I have an old Brown dog.
  2. Don't know him, sounds good. I think BBQ is out for me till spring. I have not been up to the house but from what I hear there will be about 6' of snow on the deck and there is no way I am shovelling all that. I have had the Green Flash. Good beer.
  3. She said he was great. I am going to see him in DC on July 4th.
  4. Founders Double Troll is good, and strong he he.
  5. Damn that looks good. Chris Thile is amazing. I have not gotten up to the house to smoke anything in a while. I am overdue for bacon. My wife got to see Buddy Guy a few weeks ago. I had to work.
  6. Green is almost always ground. Not sure on the yellow/brown.
  7. Kay made upright basses with dyed maple fingerboards. They do wear through with time but time can be decades.
  8. I think you have stepped up to take the responsibility that is yours. He appears to recognize that some is his. If he starts feeling like you should be giving more than you can think about it but unless that happens you have aleardy shown you are a good guy.
  9. If you live in the middle of nowhere or travel in such parts it can be very helpful to know how far you can go on a tank of gass. I remember being in Nevdada and passing a sign that said next gas 270 miles. It was nice to know we would make it no problem. Otherwise, do the math.
  10. Years ago, back when I brewed, I made a Barley Wine for my wife to celebrate her getting accepted into law school. Barley wines have high alcohol (this one was around 11%) and can age. I brewed it in 94 and bottled it in 95 (they take a while to ferment). The other night we drank the next to last bottle. Damn it was good. Why did I stop brewing? How often do you get to drink a 19 year old beer and have it be good?
  11. Do you find any issues with fretting before the neck carve is done?
  12. This was more fun than a contest and only went on for a couple of minutes at most. I did through some funky chord stuff in though. This was the first time I played "lead" live. Then again it was the first time I played upright bass live and the first time I played mandolin live so a lot of firsts for the night.
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