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chrome finish

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The reason why Satch's chromeboy had the crack near one of the pickups was because it was a blemished prototype to begin with. It was one of Ibanez' test guitars when they were developing the Chromeboy finish process. I haven't seen too many up close shots, but coupled with a decade of constant shredding and a proto finish, it's a pretty beat-up axe. Doesn't matter as long as it's Joe's favorite, kinda like SRV's Number One or Clapton's Blackie.

BTW, I remember hearing a while back that Joe's chromeboy prototype was stolen. Did they ever recover it?

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Joe's main guitar is one of only a few basswood-bodied chromed guitars (the JS2CH). Ibanez abandoned plans to offer it as a full production model because wood cannot be chrome plated reliably. The wood expands and contracts, resulting in flaking, cracking and peeling of the chrome over time. He has since retired his "chromeboy" from the road, so he doesn't risk it getting damaged or stolen.

His guitar that was stolen was nicknamed "Pearly" and it had Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups installed. I believe this one was one of the JS10th models, which has a body made of luthite, a synthetic material that's more stable than wood, so it was easier to chrome.

Guns, Girls and Guitars don't actually chrome plate. They nickel plate. And i've seen photos of some of their work and it's not very good. There are other "chrome"-like finishes available, but i haven't heard of anybody getting good results from them on a guitar body.

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So much for the search feature. :D

I'm going to experiment with the chrome spray paint, or "Po Boy's Chrome Boy" as I call it, once I'm done with the V project. If anyone else has tried it, I'd like to see your results.

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