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Add Your Own Solo!!!


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Ok so as many of you know already Matia my bro died last year, well I was digging through his stuff today and found the last song he ever recorded. Including his vocals which now I find quite scarey as the are...

As I walk into the night... always remember... I will never forget you.

So here is the challenge. With so many talented musicians on this board please download this song and solo over it. I have thought about doing it myself but dont feel like I would do it justice. I'd rather open it up to all you guys. Lee was a talented guy, in the past he has worked with Robbie Williams, Geri Haliwell and the spice girls on there recordings and tutorings which I guess he didnt probably tell you...

Silly bastard always did want to be the quiet one~! So see what you think. This particular track is pretty spiritual one so were looking for all the glam guys from the 80's I guess. Best track I'll produce myself and I will promise to release to all PG members on CD. hope this is ok with Brian and the MODS!!! but I'm willing to cut a pro copy of each CD and send it to each member of PG forum that wants one for shipping costs only.

OK so here is the song and hopefully me Bri, Kev, Wes and cerealk can decide who is best. or even better I'll do a Poll when all entries are in and the winning vote gets it~! Is that ok guys! please let me know!!! :D

here is the link...

By the way it may be an idea if we pin this topic??? I'll leave it you guys! cheers! :D

Matias song


Peace be with all :D

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Sorry about the Wav file guys i simply dont have the knowledge of how to transfer it to MP3. I got the track directly off Lee's old laptop. Anyone here that wants to mp3 and link it can do so thats Fine. Thanks in advance!!! :D

Alex man whenever you can get it too me just send me a PM dude and I'm happy to leave this here for as long as it takes everyone to have a go! :D

Happy hunting and again thanks for your kind words guys!!!


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Man, Saber, that solo's really good. It reminded me alternately of the Allman Brothers and Mark Knopfler. Ultimately, it fit really well!

Thanks a bunch! I was a bit inspired by an old album by Alex Degrassi called Altiplano. Now, I'm juggling a few ideas for an electric solo on the second half of the song.

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