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Opportune Moments....


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It would REALLY depend on what it was.

I don't have a very big list of famous guitars that I would want.

BTW, you said legendary guitar, but not necessarily owned by anyone famous.

You could just mean a nice vintage Gibson ES175 or something, so your window of what you're describing is quite large indeed.

Remember those guitars that those hippies painted for Clapton and George Harrison among others back in the flower power days?

You could lay one of those right in front of me and I'd barf swillchunks on it, Layla or not, wouldn't matter.


I'm one of those guys who doesn't really idolize the instrument, but rather the talent in the brain and hands and hundreds of hours of practice and imagination of the person holding it.

Guitars to me are just tools, in the right hands, they come to life, but just sitting there, doesn't mean much to me.

Boring old fart, I know. :D:D

Like, you could hand me one of Frank Zappa's guitars and it wouldn't really exite me much, I'd probably rather have one of my own guitars, they're built exactly the way I want 'em...but to hang out with Frank himself, I'd be shakin' at the knees, brother.

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Well I dunno if its legendary, but it gets my respect... Carl Thompson. Guess its not much to many, seeing as theyre not very mainstream. at least i dont think so... But theyre oh so sweet. I just love looking at them. porn isnt even as good anymore. but and as of the 31st, he wont be taking anymore orders for instruments. I just love his work, and hes an inspirational builder to me. And its an opportunity of a lifetime IMO. And when I buy a Dime tribute, you bet it will be the dean. But Im thinking Ill be waiting on the Dean... :D

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The 10 million Dollar Bass is the ultimate, buddy. Thompson's aren't for everybody but If I had the means to get one, You bet you arse I would.

Those are scupted with TLC and It shows. All the beautiful woods he uses in

them is mind blowing. The neck joints themselves are works of art.

Do it, Buddy!

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Drak- I'm with you, man. "This guitar was the one Lennon played XXXXXXXX on? Great. Ever think about tuning it in the last 30 years?".


I had the fortune of being able to play a '56 Strat this weekend. Sure, it's a very rare piece of nostalgia, and it sounds very 'vintagey', but in all honesty, it plays much like my $150 super-store Strat. It'd be cool to own, but I'd only use it for measurements. LOL Sad, eh?

Moreau- Carl Thompson builds a helluva bass. I first got into his designs after learning of Primus' Les Claypool playing one and mentioning how he liked to masturbate while thinking about his CT bass. So, I guess it's porn to Les as well. LOL

I'm not sure I'd call it "legendary" in the common sense of the word. Guitars like EVH's Frankenstein, Lucille and 'Brownie'/'Blackie' are more mainstream legendary. But from a luthier's standpoint, I think most here would agree that Carl is a deserved legendary luthier.

If you've got the cash, and really really want one, go for it.

To you, it's 'value' will never change.

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