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Make Maple Neck Look Worn?

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This will make the neck look dirty and to some extent worn. But the wood will still be white and “new” looking. Try to find yellow tinted oil (as it is an oiled neck) and apply it thin until you get the aged appearance. Add the dirt and you’re done.

Remember to apply the dirt at the right places to get an authentic look. Try to find a pic of an old, worn neck and copy the wear pattern, especially on the fret board. Try google Eric Clapton. His old black strat has a beautiful, worn maple neck.

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Who the heck has time to play?!?!!?!

Nah, it doesn't have to look aged. Just the body is oiled and darker whereas the neck looks too shiny and white, just wanted it to look like it's been played for a couple of years. I am gonna try to dirty it up in a week or so when string change time comes around.

While, we are on the subject though, anyone know how to age an old strat body (that has a heavy finish)?

Thanks for the input everyone, I appreciate all the help.


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Yes. The second one is a total piece. I love not only how the back is pristine but how the front looks like it was palm sanded clean in like 30 seconds. What a piece of ka-ka. Maybe someone should buy it just to paint the body a solid color and put that guitar out of its misery. Oh yeah, the knobs don't even come close to matching the pickup covers. She :D eesh! :D

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