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tools to start?


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if you have read any of my other posts,you would have figured out im ready to venture into the amazing world of building guitars... i am apporaching the time where i will start my first project, and im wondering... im hearing alot about various tools that people use... which tools are absolutely necissary vs. optional for building a custom guitar?

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Bandsaws are useful


I shape necks with this


I'd get a drillpress, though maybe not as big


You will need a router


Maybe a router table


Hand drill and palm sander are helpful


Useful for cleanup


You will need an assortment of clamps


Nut slotting files are helpful, as well as radiusing blocks, neck cauls, fretting hammer and files for fret work


You'll need a compressor and gun unless you are going to use spray cans or apply the finish by hand

...This is just what I use

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Started my first project last week and here is what I've....





Clamps (about 8)

Planes (1 small, 1 large - being used as a sanding block because it's crap)




Chisel, Rasps, Surform (bought today - again. Lost them last time trying to carry them home in my pocket on a motorbike, which isn't fun when you know a chisel is pointing towards your knackers should you fall off)


All bandsawing and planing down blanks by a local cabinet maker who works for beer (very handy).

There will be some more stuff needed as we go on but this is enough to get me quite a way through. Decided that I was never going to start if I waited untill I had all the tools, so I'm buying them as and when I can afford them. Hope the missus gets me a palm sander for christmas because sanding by hand has lost its charm.

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