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Anyone heard of this place


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I've been considering going to Roberto-Venn...but it's a log ways away from where I am. I then found this in the back of guitar world and it looks to have solved the far away problem (from canada eh)

anyone heard anything about them


from the site it sounds great but if anyone has heard anything that'd be helpful

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put your location in the info there on the left eh, there's also a really good school in BC called luthiers international summit school, housing is provided in the tuituion, http://www.luthiers-international.com/training.htm

Galloup was featured on Erlewein's fretting video's, he seems to know what he's talking about, actually i prefered his refretting method over Dan's... they also showed a breif tour of his school, nice open place. I'll see if i can rip that part of the DVD for you so you can get an educational glimpse of gallloup's shop if you'd like.


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I know I should edit my profile...

I'm in Southern Ontario...actually pretty close to Detroit (They have the best rock stations)

So BC would actually be farther than RV

As far as price...it's not really much cheaper...the prices are quoted in US...(when I thought it was canadian it looked pretty good)

It also doesn't include materials

The dvd rip would be cool if I didn't have dialup...it would take me all week to download unless it's only a couple minutes long

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I get the impression that Brian Galloup has done even more fret-jobs than Dan, to the point where he seems kind of burnt-out with some of the more tedious techniques, like rotating the neck-jig into the playing position, or pressing in frets , with the guitar in the neck-jig.

Probably worn out from taking out CNC cut pearl inlays :D

He seems to know his stuff, though.

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Yeah I'm quite sure he's on advanced fretting vol 2. Frank Ford's on there too , and I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks he sounds like a munchkin from the wizard of oz.

lol he looked like a sleezy sales man with that coam over >_>

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Hey, I was looking into that too and being from New Brunswick I didn't particularly want to move to Phoenix or BC for like 8 months. There is one in Calgary called Fretworks.


It looked pretty good and the longest is 3 months. It doesn't have the same business training as Roberto-Venn but looks to be enough if you wanted to do repair work and with practise, custom building. Happy hunting buddy :D

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