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YAY.. Finally started my project..

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As you can see the area inside the bridge hum route ...came out BAD.

It was my first time. And I was using a wood chuck, you know that makes a hole.

Anyway, the tip is super long...so it goes deeper than the chuck....

I'm guessing just using wood filler?

I need to get it cut out before I can do the back....

I tried routing it out, but decided that was not the best course of action.

I don't think my jigsaw will handle it either.

And I couldn't afford that 9" bandsaw (damn you X-mas)...

Had to fix links :D

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I think it looks very good. The mistakes are all going to be hidden by something, right? I don't usually route everything before the outline shape but it looks like you've got a good system going there. Is that going to be an AANJ type of joint or what? It looks like it may be a little short of the typical AANJ?

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yeah they'll be hidden.

it'll be an AANJ....shouldn't be too short :D.

It might just be because I need to get it closer to the line and round it off by sanding better.

I haven't been able to find someone to cut the shape out first.

And I was getting ancy...so I just went w/ routing out the front.

My friend is supposed to find me someone that has the right tools to cut it out.

I mean, I have a jigsaw, but I just dont think its powerful enough to cut thru 1.75" of wood.

I hope he caan find me someone soon..i start school Monday B)

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Did you use the wood chuck to make a hole for the router bit to start in, because you can just plunge the bit into the wood, even if you don't have a plunge router you can still pop the bit in, AND even if you don't have plunging bits you can still get them in. I don't have any plunge bits, I kinda wiggle the router around slightly to get the cutters into the wood.

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i know what you mean with holes that arent seen but for piece of mind!! yeah, wood filler will do fine. looks nice! i cut my body out with a jigsaw, it was almost 2" at the time. the only problem is when the blade heats up it starts cutting at an angle, especially on internal curves, it kinda spirals. i left enough room for error tho, and fixed it by going over it again. depends on your jig tho. my one is pretty robust.

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Kinda suprised no one noticed, but after looking real close I noticed that from the last picture, if you look real close to the right bottom part of the guitar you can see where it is big time wavy. I think it looks great, but man it's gonna be hard to get those edges straight, hours and hours with a drum sander. The ideal way to have used a plunge router and a good template. That way you don't have much sanding to do at all. Believe me, once you realize how hard it is gonna be to straighten out, you'll make new plans.. lol But you did a great job considering what you had..

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Overall look. Doesn't LOOK like anything major is wrong.


Same here


This is the lower horn. See the lil gouge from the router? Just sand it out right? Or should I fill it, then sand?


Didn't cut it right w/ the router. It will be hidden, but should I sand? Or reroute?


A gouge from my drill when trying to drill a hole for wires to go thru. Ideas?


Same here.


Output jack. Just need to make it look nice, w/ some sanding.


More gouging. This time the "butt" end on the bottom.


The tip of the lower horn didn't come out right. Just sanding?


Bad router gouging in the all important neck pocket.

I'll have to get the neck before I decide what to be done w/ that.

This is my 1st guitar.

So far I've learned:

1) Get the body cut out first. Do not use the router for this.

2) get longer drill bits to avoid the coller of the drill from gouging the wood.

3) its a plunge router. I don't really need to use the wood chuck all the way, but it does help to get rid of a lot of the wood. Just need to keep the tip from going too far in.


Making control cavity covers out of veneer. If I can't get it, I'll try that tutorial here using the trash can method B).

Routing out for control cavity covers.

Figuring out how to do the contours.

Do a dry fit of electronics.

Wait for neck. :D

Do a dry fit of neck electronics setup...see how it plays...

Then finish.

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Do you all prefer to use like a belt sander or sanding disc to sand/cut out the arm rest/chest-belly area?

I use a hand plane for the arm rest area, takes me only a few minutes to do. For the belly cut, I've done them by hand with chisels and spoke shaves, and also on the drum of my belt sander.

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