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How To Swirl A Guitar

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Swirling a Guitar

As it was the photo tutorial on this site that inspired me to first try swirling, I thought I would post a video.

Same principle applies, big old tub of water with borax added to break the surface tension of the water, then float the paint on the surface.

The paint used is Oneshot signwriters enamel paint & most is used straight from the tin. Guitar is primed with 2k white and sanded down with 280 grit.

Dip and enjoy

Have I done this right Brian?

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The hairdryer answered my question, "How do they pull it out without screwing it up?" VERY helpful. Thanks!

yeah, i learnt something from that bit. i know some just use some newspaper to brush the paint away from the surface, but the use of the hairdryer for that stage, and then to sort out the excess water left on the guitar really made sense.

i know a lot of home done swirls we see suffer from water droplets left on the guitar, messing with the effect, the hairdryer seems to solve that issue

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