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Pics of My Guitar

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Heres some pics of my almost finished guitar. Sorry if their a little big.






Im going to post more pics once i have it all finished with the hardware and stuff put in.

This is my first time building a guitar and i built it all from scratch. (including the fretboard) The neck is hondurous mohogany, the fretboard (which you cant see) is brazilian rosewood, and the body is maple with a Sapiely(sp) Pommelay(sp) veneer.

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got any tips on building necks, i'm about to attemtpt my "first", out of cheap pine, just for practice and to learn...

Don't use pine. It'll warp like crazy over night. For all the work it takes, i'd make the real thing right away. Just measure 3 times, use a test piece, and check at this site frequintly to see if your doing it right.

this may sound dumb but what kind of pickup are u using with that type of cavity?

Litchfield Custom Gutars got it right. A Dogeared P-90

looks great....Malmsteen would not like the guitar though....

ya probably not. Maybe if it had scallopped frets.

The pics seem to be working fine now at least on my computer so hopefully you can all see them. All i have left is to put in the hardware so i should have pictures of the completed thing very soon. Thanks for all the positive feadback.

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