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Replacing A Stripped Truss Rod Nut

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As the title says, I need to replace the truss rod nut in my guitar (late 90's ESP LTD M-207); it's been slowly wearing away for years (got it used, was mostly stripped already); it's finally past where I can use any standard tool to get it to turn.

Getting the nut out isn't the problem (at least in theory, I haven't tried it yet!), but finding a replacement IS. The nut uses the standard 4mm allen socket (or, again, did when not stripped), but I can't seem to find where to buy a replacement! The closest I can find is this 5/32" nut at Warmoth.com; I don't care what size the socket is, as long as the nut will fit my guitar and on the truss rod threads. So do you all think this nut will work, or is there a more direct replacement out there somewhere?

In that vein: am I correct in assuming the nut is threaded onto the end of the rod, and just needs to be unscrewed (probably using a Gripper Truss Rod Wrench)?

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Photos, for sure.

I had that problem with a welded on adjustment nut before and couldn't find a reasonable way to fix it. I used a Dremel and cut a slot into the end of it, so I could use a flathead screwdriver. Worked perfectly.

That was on a personal guitar I won't sell, so I was okay with an odd fix like that. It's not exactly a professional way of going about it. At all.

I used a diamond coated needle bit (you can find whole sets for surprisingly cheap), so I could push the bit perpendicular to the nut.

For other styles, StewMac sells kits to remove and replace the nuts. I've never tried them, though.


This the (very expensive) kit I was talking about. It works with the threaded rods Swed mentions bellow.


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is it the thread thats worn, or the Allen socket?

The traditional Gibbson and Fender trussrods use a separate nut. Many modern once use a nut welded to the rod. More or less 100% of the double action rods have a nut that is welded.

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Thanks, folks! It's a double action rod, for sure, so... :( This is an inexpensive guitar (and one that I own, yes), so it doesn't seem worth it to me to try and replace the whole rod. I'm going to see if I can mess with the socket (it's the allen socket that's stripped) and make it so I can adjust the action. It's actually not bad right now, but the weather around here will change in about 4 months and I'll need to adjust then, for sure.

Thanks again for the info and suggestions... I think it's time to start saving for a replacement neck... or guitar... but in the meantime I'll put what you've given me to work! :)

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