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what are the best locking machine heads?

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I have Sperzel's on my Strat and Schallers on my Musicman JP Model.

Both are excellent and each has it's advantages

Spertzel's can be switched for 3 +3 to 6 inline to right or left and have staggered posts so no string tree needed (think Strat) but are a pain to drill for because they have a hidden positioning pin that you need to make a template for

Schallers are good because they are installed like regular tuning machines.

Bottom line both work the way they are supposed to it's just personal preference

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I've got Sperzels and Schallers.

Sperzels - the knurled tightener knob is kinda rough on the fingers compared to the Schallers (and thinner), but that's just being nit-picky, it isn't that big of a deal really.

The Sperzels are only available in 'satin' finishes (I'm pretty sure anyway).

It bugged me at first, but it doesn't bother me now. I think it looks kinda classy now actually, but I remember at first it used to really bug me...

Sperzels have a 'placement pin' that you have to drill out for on the back.

Schallers - I have these on a 3-on-a-side headstock ala Gibson. The knurled tighteners are bigger and smoother.

Schallers have one screw on the back that holds them in place just like the regular Schaller tuners have.

As far as performance goes, they all do what they're supposed to do. Schallers might be a bit heavier, not sure. I would use either really, no real preference between them, except I'm really starting to grow into the 'brushed' Sperzel look lately...

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Guest AlexVDL
anyone tried the planetwaves tuners. they seem itresting due to the self trimming idea.


Yep me and they're asskicking great!! They're even less expensive than the sperzels and grovers etc.


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i am also looking into getting some locking tuners for my and i was wondering If any of you guys could tell me which ones would be a direct replacement, I don't really want to pull out one of the tuners right now. I've got an Ibanez GSA20 and the tuners dont have that other little screw off the side of them that many of the locking tuners have (though i don't think the sperzels do)

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:O those things are CRAZY expensive..... i didn't even bother converting them into canadian currency B) but they do look nice, if i ever get rich i might consider them :D

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I have some Sperzals, 12:1 gear ratio is pretty bad. it's sometimes hard to get just the right spot. I'd go with LSR's if I ever needed tuners again on a guitar w/o a locking nut.

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