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Finally finished the dolphin and mermaid inlay

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It's been a long task, but between design changes, waiting for shell to arrive, waiting for engravers to arrive, and trying to juggle all the other work, here is my first BIG full shell inlay. The funny part is, I've finished others since I started this one, the Dolphins were done first, then the headstock is the most recent I've done, you can tell that I've cut a lot of other shell in between. Up until this point all my engraving had been done with a diamond tip tool in the dremel, but I wasn't happy with the line thickness so I tried hand engraving for the very first time with the mermaid, I'm quite happy with it, my main goal was to make sure the mermaid's face didn't look retarded, I think I succeeded :D





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Very nicely done LGM.

Don't worry about getting others done while some inlays sit.

That's the nature of inlay. Some projects just take longer than others.

My recent lady of the lake scene took months. Plenty of smaller inlays got finished in the interim, and the client is still very very happy.

Keep up the good work! Your race car is beautiful.

They only get easier (Larry Robinson told me that about 2 years ago.. he was right, it's the size of the project that gets more complex!)


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man that is really nice! I see some inlays and think that they are just too much eg some of the floral designs you see, but this truely is the nicest I have ever seen. It is uncluttered and looks fab! Nice one!

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Glad you guys like it, although I'll pass on the love and having babies (that is truly disturbing)

I'm very happy with all of it, the mermaid certainly looks better than the dolphins and it should, the dolphins were really my first major attempt at doing a full shell inlay, that being the case I'm about 90% happy with it, the mermaid was my first attempt and hand engraving and I'm about 95% happy with it, there is always room for improvement. Wait until you see a couple of the next ones :D

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Wow, i'd be proud to own that one. *looks closer* oooooo and its a seven string too :D

Actually, i'd be even more proud to have made that o.O Very cool job!

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All of the engraving on the dolphins was done with a dremel, and all the engraving on this inlay was done with a dremel


I didn't hear about engraving with the dremel, it just seemed like the way to do it, but I don't really like it.

It's actually harder to control the dremel due to the rotation and sheer weight of the tool compared to hand engraving, the dremel is just faster, but at the cost of accuracy.

The headstock was painted black and then clear coated after the inlay was put in.

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They're all too nice. Muchos Kudos dude.

I think LGM and Clavin should have a project guitar inlaying face off - the winner recieving the honour of the inlay going on my guitar B)

Some people are scarily good and others (like myself) will just stick with marker dots :D

BTW LGM: my old man has got a tiny microdrill sort of thing that he used for model building, it's much the same as a Dremel but it's a bit smaller/lighter and has less torque. Have you tried one of these for inlaying it might be a bit more controlable than a Dremel - just a thought :D

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  • 4 months later...

Hey guys....I'm very new here, so I just thought I would introduce myself as the owner of this fine guitar and amazing inlay.

My name is Shad and I have a GAS problem....mostly with ATD swirls and LGM inlays.....I'm sure you can understand why!! (I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on a new LGM 8 string....it seems like I have a problem huh??)

This is my guitar....and I think Jeremy did a fantastic job on it.....he is the master, which is why I had him do it in the first place B)

Jeremy is almost done with it, so we should see some pics of the completed guitar soon :D ...I really can't wait to see it in person. Mr. LGM himself has been fantastic to work with....he has great artistic skill as well as being a really nice guy to work with.

I want to say a big thanks to Jeremy for all of his hard work and help on this very unique project.....I am excited to see what he will do next!!!! I would also like to thank Darren from ATD for a sweet swirl and to Scott Heatley for building the guitar....everyone has gone above and beyond what was expected....THANKS!!!!


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