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My new plans - Whatcha' think?

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I need honest opinions about my new design. This drawing is the first concept and its already been changed a little. The body is a little more warped looking. The headstock in this drawing is not even close to the way it is supposed to look but will give a general idea. The one I have started building has a 1 piece ash back (chambered) with a quilted maple cap. The cap is flat, no carve whatsoever. It is going to have a humbucker and 2 single coils instead of the pictured 2 humbuckers and the knob placement has been changed slightly. I plan on using white pearloid binding with a white pearloid Les Paul style pickguard mounted flat on the face. I am probably going to finish it with a blue dye and Nitro clear coats. I have seriously thought about adding a f-hole on the top bout, but I don't know if that would be overkill or not.


Yes.... I know it looks like a mix between a Les Paul and a Yamaha Pacifica.... :D

I try not to build other peoples designs or anything too similar to other peoples designs so if you have seen something that looks like this let me know.

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I like the body style, especially the lower cutaway "horn". I don't like the headstock at all. The only place those things should be is on a Fender. I would make some kind of "forward canted" design that would match the lines of that body. Great job on that desogn though! :D

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I would go with an Ibanez-esque headstock, or like a crazy, concave sideed parallelogram type shape.

AMAZING design! :D

Thanks for the idea! :D I don't have a clue in the world why I didn't think of that myself. I guess I just focused too much on the body design. I saw a neck on ebay off of an old univox or something that had a similar headstock to the one in my picture and it is supposed to be less "Fenderish" and more droopy looking. I've already made the neck, but haven't cut the head yet. Thank God! I didn't really like the head either.


Something concave on the sides, slightly tapering, and the tip of the headstock slanted at the same angle as the front of the body. 3 tuners per side.

Brilliant! B)

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Looks a bit like the Starfield Cabriolet, though yours has more of an LP influence and the Cabriolet seems somehow more Tele to me:


FWIW, I like yours better. More aggressive in the skewed nature of the shape, and the lower 'horn' is interesting on yours.

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i don't know what to call it, but the spot where the upper cutaway would be on a double cutaway guitar looks too small to me. i like the general idea of the design, but i'd make that bigger.

although judging by the responses so far, i'm in the minority on this one, so probably keep it the same.

i like the idea of a 3x3 headstock too. i'd do something in the same style as a prs or schecter headstock.

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