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  1. i like how you mirrored the headstock in the truss rod cover-small but very effective design element. you did a great job on this guitar.
  2. you didnt mean Joe Driskill out of Fort Worth did you? I almost forgot all about that guy.
  3. i think I had previously referred to your neck tenon as "deep set neck" -and had forgot that DTM guitars calls it a "set thru neck" no voodoo Scotty- incase you didnt know- you are avoiding the "tone trouble spot" zone according to this pro builder: http://mcnaughtcustomguitars.com/set-thru-necks/ plus you dont get a potentially ugly ass butt end where the neck/neck lams show thru. I dont always dig that look.
  4. excellent call on the pickguard.. You balanced the look with that-especially taking the shine down. nice work. i like the pickups too- are you going to add in any mini-switchs to go between humbucking/p90/blade?
  5. nice work Andy and great info share for everyone to learn from.
  6. as I close out the spring/summer 2019 STOUT season-(I struggle with stouts and porters during the hot months) a shout out to @ScottR for the recommendation- going out on a high note Evil Twin/Praire Artisian Ales collab- Bible Belt (even more) Imperial Stout. 13% but smooth as shit- nice- very nice stout.
  7. so- not to be a broken record here but jeezus- can you get any more of a perfect paint job. damn dude.
  8. while I am not a big fan of the body style- I do love your builds and looking forward to this. great work as always!!
  9. i am sweating bullets and I have nothing to do with this. I feel your anxiety bro-
  10. welcome! great job on the axes.
  11. lookin like a right proper axe. great work keep it up!
  12. digging that fret board Scotty. The waves are cool. Hopefully it wont darken up TOO much once you oil it.
  13. to quote victor creed- oooh shiny! regarding QR/kiss tour-i saw that show 11/29/84 @broome county areana binghampton ny. Alot of Syracuse metal heads made that trip more for QR than Kiss. i might even have a bootleg cassette of that show but if I recall correctly the audio quality sucks-you had to hide microphones at kiss shows- that is for sure. i still hold that QR ep as one of the best metal albums ever- prog or not. i wasnt really a QR fan much after the second album- I sort of didnt like the direction a lot of metal went after 82/83ish. i am sort of stuck in that 67-83 time zone with smatterings of stuff here and there from late 80s, 90s etc. occasionally i find stuff on you tube or thru the youngins that work my fav local pkg store- I just got turned onto The Sword recently. Modern day sabbath. too bad I am like 10 years behind finding out about them.
  14. damn dude- nice job. another andy save in the bank. well done bro.
  15. and yet another list. but i like this one as it is from the home brewers association magazine- but most of all- i love that the beer that got me hooked on craft beer- sierra nevada pale ale- is sitting pretty up high on the list. 1. Bell’s Two Hearted Ale*2. Russian River Pliny the Elder*3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale*4. Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)5. The Alchemist Heady Topper*6. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS)T7. Founders All Day IPAT7. Bell’s Hopslam*T9. Founders Breakfast StoutT9. WeldWerks Juicy Bits*11. Cigar City Jai Alai IPA*T12. Tree House Julius*T12. Three Floyds Zombie Dust*14. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro*15. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA*T16. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale*T16. New Holland Dragon’s Milk*T18. Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine*T18. Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale*20. Goose Island Bourbon County Brand StoutT21. Allagash White*T21. The Alchemist Focal Banger*23. North Coast Old Rasputin*T24. Odell IPA*T24. Russian River Blind Pig I.P.A.*Top Ranked Breweries:1. Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, MI*2. Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI3. Russian River Brewing Company, Santa Rosa & Windsor, CA*4. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, Chico, CA & Mills River, NC*5. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE*6. Tree House Brewing Company, Charlton, MA*7. The Alchemist, Stowe, VT*T8. Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR*T8. Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO*T10. Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, CA*T10. Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA*T12. Boulevard Brewing Company, Kansas City, MO*T12. Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, FL*T12. WeldWerks Brewing Co., Greeley, CO*15. New Glarus Brewing Company, New Glarus, WI*16. New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO & Asheville, NC*17. Three Floyds Brewing Company, Munster, IN*T18. Lagunitas Brewing Company, Petaluma, CA & Chicago, ILT18. Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont, CO, Brevard, NC, & Austin, TX*20. Tröegs Independent Brewing, Hershey, PA*21. Avery Brewing Company, Boulder, CO22. Allagash Brewing Company, Portland, ME*23. Left Hand Brewing Company, Longmont, CO*T24. Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago, ILT24. Surly Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN*https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/best-beers-in-america/
  16. so the dork in me that loves reading patents found this little gem to see what gibson has and does have on designs, etc. https://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?Docid=D0405459&homeurl=http%3A%2F%2Fpatft.uspto.gov%2Fnetacgi%2Fnph-Parser%3FSect1%3DPTO2%26Sect2%3DHITOFF%26p%3D3%26u%3D%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r%3D122%26f%3DG%26l%3D50%26co1%3DAND%26d%3DPTXT%26s1%3D%2522gibson%2Bguitar%2522%26OS%3D%2522gibson%2Bguitar%2522%26RS%3D%2522gibson%2Bguitar%2522&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=NONE&Input=View+first+page anyone else catch the oddity to that sg style guitar? hint- the neck attachment plate?? maybe I am wrong- but when did gibson (the assignee) ever use a neck plate? perhaps I am missing something here- and gipson being the assignee of the patent gets claim and perhaps this is epiphone that has the use of the patent- via the individual inventors. Too lazy to look that up- but thought that was interesting.
  17. now there is one trial i probably wouldnt mind being on the jury for. so-their ceo is wearing black leather at namm jam- mark a is wearing black leather in that video. new dress code at gibson? wonder if jc is wearing black chucks like mark A is- well- they said they would- this will be interesting to see how it plays out. I imagine Hamer or however owns them is next.
  18. https://www.reddit.com/link/c1p9kc/video/zhucj5uxvx431/player
  19. Derek- fwiw- I think Ken McKay from Up North Strings got a letter from Gibson at one point as he was selling 335 plates. This was 10 years or more ago-I think I got near the last couple sets of plates he had as I went to buy a third and he said he was no longer selling them. If I remember correctly some guitar boards at the time mentioned the C&D letters going out to quite a few builders. Ken is very cool- he shared an enormous amount of information regarding building 335s- he has some threads on other boards where he shares how he makes the molds and builds his McKay Tribute line of guitars. Natch
  20. that shade with gloss would look bad ass. agree with your comment-I would have kept it there too if it was mine. (btw-bonus point for feet in shot) there is something about a V. A wiseman once said, its the inner "schenker" in us all.... To which a fool replied, well some schenkers are smaller than others. bad da boom. (rim shot emoji)
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