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  1. Re-body of a Fender Rascal

    I guess I wasnt paying attention when Fender has this Rascal and Lyte basses out. I have never seen those before. yet another "different" build Andy- you are batting 1000 as they say in baseball. looking good so far.
  2. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I was curious as to soil type-as it looked sandy and I was wondering how much purchase that ground provided for your jack lifts. plus I am just damn curious. I havent spent much time in Texas- usually airports- passing thru. My soil is red clay- you ball it up in your hand and you have a freaking deadly weapon that might knock someone out if you threw it at their head. When my mom lived in St Petersburg Florida- you couldnt form a ball with her soil- it wouldnt hold shape there was so much sand. There are parts of my yard where I garden and I have gotten the organic matter up considerably- thru compost and cover crops- and that will form a ball- but will break apart very easily under slight pressure. I guess I was wondering if you had the issue florida has- where "shit sinks", you are cranking on the progress- watching with mucho interest.
  3. Spray finish - neck on or off

    off. if you spray with the neck on- the first time you take it off you will take a chunk of finish off where the neck and body meet- and the nitro has melded together to form a single flow. and that will be a nightmare to sand and refinish.
  4. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    @westhemann- what is your soil like in that part of Texas? it looks sort of like it might be very sandy-from the texture that appears in your pics but not sure.
  5. PRS-like project(s)

    the stain on the fret board looks really good. Are you going to seal it with some protective finish to keep the strings from digging thru the color and exposing the lighter wood beneath?
  6. Chinaberry Six

    looking forward to this
  7. Top sanding - help

    William K- exactly what @Andyjr1515 said, though be careful with any brush that is too stiff on the spruce- plus compressed air if available and maybe a tack cloth. I wouldnt wet it with any cleaning type agent until vacuumed, blown or tack clothed first- then try the naptha. We like pictures here if you are able to upload
  8. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    so- in the "shite that keeps you from building department, aka Honey Do list" we have this entry. Mrs Natural wanted new kitchen chairs. Check- got it-as the old ones are something like 33 or more years old- and well- "dated" (you Americans that are old enough will recognize this furniture as it was "everywhere" back in the late eighties for $199 for an oak table and 4 chairs) anyway-old chair vs new, and old finish on table top (minus leaf) (golden oak, thick gloss poly on top)the table appears darker than it actually is- and the floor appears to be missing color- not sure what is up with my phone's camera. I should be getting my dslr back any day :-) strip it results of first coat on oak leaf got most of it grain fill/burlap wipe sanded grain fill, stained with Provincial Brown, sand back (on left)- right shows after first coat of english chestnut- and the color is darker than this pic shows. all done, with 3 coats of wipe on poly (matte). the table top (and my floors) are darker than this pic shows- Mrs Natural happy can I get back to building?
  9. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    where is the rim shot emoji when you need it?guess this guy will do
  10. Router bits

    sent wrong link Scotty- here is the whiteside bit I meant to send https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/whiteside-ultimate-trim-bit.aspx not cheap but I love Whiteside router bits.
  11. Router bits

    this place is local Atlanta - pricey- but they carry all the good stuff. you looking for something like this? https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/whiteside-spiral-flush-trim-router-bit.aspx
  12. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    "your ridiculous adventures in beer right"- well- that is all in the mind of whose perspective you are looking at- I am on a craft beer kick, and- my goal in that is to try something new every weekend. I am successful at that goal, however- looks may be deceiving- " Do any of these even manage to see much time in the fridge?"-the answer to that question is yes/no/maybe. Some of the pics I have posted are of singles I have purchased. Some stores let you buy singles (higher price per unit of course- but you can try before committing to a whole 4 or six pack. In this case- a single beer doesnt usually stay long in the frig. Some of the pics I have posted are "mixer sixers" where some stores allow you to take six singles and make your own six pack- at a higher price of course- but again- get to try many different beers without committing to whole 4 or 6 pack. Some beers I get and I take some of them and share with neighbors, or fellow beer dorks I know here and there. For instance- my nephew brought me those Trillium beer- 2 four packs- I have consumed two singles- four of them were sent to fellow beer dork, and I am saving 2 of them for when my brother arrives in from Germany for Christmas. I have about 10 different beers or so saved for his arrival to share. (pic below) I like to share- I have two neighbors that are beer dorks like me- we often will "meet up" after lawn mowing in the summer and sample each's finds for the week and shoot the shit. What you dont see are the drain pours. If a beer sucks- its hitting the drain. For a while when I started this kick- for every 10 beers I tried- probably 4 or more were drain pours- now- I am a bit more cautious- I look up beers on BeerAdvocate- if its below a 4 out of 5 rating I normally pass. This has decreased my drain pours dramatically- usually now my drain pours are something I take a chance on- like that Oconnee Lions Lamb stuff I bought. Blah- I suffered thru half of one- gave 2 to my neighbors (ha ha) and the other 3 hit the drain. My goal is to find great beer and enjoy the talent some of these brewers have put into their craft. I normally drink about 6 beers a weekend- last night I drank about 12 as we had a big old SEC championship game party at my digs. My frig may have 10-20 beers in rotation as I work thru them. since you asked Carl- here is what the frig looks like this morning- this is my beer drawer- and yes- I have carrots and apples in there too. it was stocked crammed with beer only yesterday. (sorry for the fuzzy photo) ridiculous adventures you say.. .......BEER DORKS UNITE!!!!
  13. My Les Paul

    Congrats on the GOTM win!
  14. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75 this obnoxious message brought to you by: this beer (broad street pale ale from ATHENS, GA (which, @mattharris75 happens to be where the Georgia Bulldogs are from did you notice I used GEORGIA script in the cartoon above? and this beer- a recommendation from @ScottR- liquid truth serum from Dogfish Head. (thanks Scotty- good stuff) and then this stuff- hey @mattharris75- did you know creature comforts is from Athens, Ga, home of the 2017 SEC Champs Georgia Bulldogs? hmmm-tropicalisma. Pearl likes Tiger meat, or eagle meat, whatever- raw-
  15. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75 Mr Natural sez:
  16. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75- wait for it...........
  17. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75------wait for it
  18. So- i have wanted to do this for a while. I have other projects I need to finish- but this one for whatever reason has the fire under my arse at the moment so its getting my attention. I have wanted a jazzmaster, but I never really dug the upper horn on them. In the last couple of years I have noticed a lot of various players with Fano JM type guitars-and thus the itch was started with me. I want to build mine out of all mahogany though., Start with some plans: what to do about that horn I am not so fond of- trying some options- still not liking any of them this will get a headstock like the old Teisco guitars- I love those crazy things-
  19. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    I have really enjoyed watching this ax come to life CJ. Well done.
  20. 6 string electric for me

    so- Thanksgiving Holiday got in the way of progress here. I also changed my mind on my original idea regarding electronics and such. I have finalized on the following Fender style trem vs the bigsby I was going to use for this. I am saving the bigsby for another project, I was originally going to go with 2 P-90s but I want some balls in the bridge - but I didnt want to give up on the p-90 either- so- compromised and going to use a Seymour Duncan P-rails in the bridge, and I was going to use a mini DPDT on/off/on switch to go between the p-90, the rail and then humbucker (series)mode-(I did this with a lap steel I built a few years back) but I notice Duncan has come out with these Triple Shot humbucker rings with switches in them that allow for the p-90/rails/and humbucker in both series and parallel modes. Think I will give that a shot and have one less switch on the face of the guitar. I am doing a test on the headstock. It appears that teisco guitars did not have a headstock angle. they also appear to not have string anchors-so- I am wondering how "deep" the face of the headstock has to be to get enough pressure over the nut so not to cause any issues. In other words folks- i havent completely finished the "plan" for the neck- and should before I continue. progress pics forthcoming
  21. nice build- the first one (getting it done) is always an accomplishment and as Prostheta says- take forward what you have learned. The next one comes out better, and the one after that even better and so on. You will be addicted to building before you know it.
  22. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    I am catching up on updates here- missed a few last weekend-I got a kick ass recommendation from @ScottR a week or so ago- Lagunitas BornYesterday Pale ale- very glad Scott recommended and very glad I bought and consumed it nice and hoppy, juicy and good stuff. I got this one particularly ice cold- so much so it was almost a frozen slushy. Still kick ass. My nephew who was born in/lives in Germany came over with some of his fellow university students and competed in a Bio/engineering competition at MIT this month. he was nice enough to bring uncle Natch some nice goodies from Trillium Brewery in Boston. First up, Meltcher Street IPA. Extremely smooth, the taste is "tight" its not in your face, its juicy, but not overly so, its just good and smooth and tight. Dont know how else to explain it folks. Mosaic and columbus hops at their finest. This stuff rocks. 7.3% ABV- getting into almost Double IPA territory there. And Trillium's double ipa Mettle- this grapefruit juice looking concoction comes in at 8.4% ABV, smooth as a baby's ass, Amarillo, Citra and Columbus hops, this stuff rocks too. Nothing but praise for this Trillium stuff- gotta get my hands on some more. Their Congress Street IPA is supposedly the schnizzle- but unfortunately it was only available on draft when my nephew was there.
  23. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    @mattharris75- lets just hope its a good game- I hate blow outs. The last game was a blow out.
  24. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    field trip time_ Creature Comforts Brewery in Athen Georgia. Georgia law just changed November 1st and breweries can sell direct to the public- previously you had to "buy a tour ticket" and as part of the tour you might be able to taste some, and maybe get a six pack as part of the tour. Now- they can sell up to something like 256 ounces per person per day. They have a system that takes your drivers license number, and confirms your identity and I assume some sort of database as well for reporting to state agencies. anywho- they released Tropicalisma, which is a double IPA based on their very good Tropicalia IPA- which is excellent brew. They also released a few others that I didnt care about. (A saison, a biere der garde and a Grissette). The doors opened for this even at 1pm, My nephew and I arrived at 1:20 pm and the line stretched around the block. 20 minutes later we finally round the corner one hour later we are half a block closer the tent on the other side of those green bushes is our destination one hour later (yes- I am that much of a beer dork to stand in line for 2 hours to get this stuff) I am 10 people from finally getting to buy this special release- after my long waited for purchase was over- I stepped into the surprisingly small brewery itself- and driving away from the brewery- I forgot to take a pic of the outside- so out the back window it is and prize arrives home, about to be chilled to perfection.I forgot to take a pic of it in a glass- so- maybe next weekend.