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  1. Mr Natural

    Bokchoi's Double Humbucker Tele

    this is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.
  2. Mr Natural

    anyone use a radius jig?

    food for thought-in case you might like a more "really get to know your fingerboard" method. I still use this method-not sure why- a bit more work but I find it relaxing. skip to 2:55 mark on the video. fwiw- this guy has some really great videos on his youtube site.
  3. Mr Natural

    SG Respin

    heavy. As in one of the heaviest sickest metal licks of all time. Did anyone do C# tuning before that? 71ish? Nicely named. You better be slinging the sludge on that puppy. no Bee-Gees covers ok?
  4. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Creature Comforts Get Artistic tart wheat ale with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Different for sure- refreshing as hell in 95 degree F sun. Really dry finish though that might have to be followed up by a rinse of water. then say AH. mrs Natural stuck with the Corona Light/Corona Premier route all week.
  5. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    six point brewing out of ny. I had never had this and was surprised to see it down in of all places, Panama City Beach Florida. Resin double IPA. good stuff. nice and bitter. Puff- which is a dry hopped Resin and a big old hop bomb. I liked this best. Bengali IPA- This is probably good stuff- but didnt hold up to Puff and Resin.. Cigar City Lager and Invasion Pale Ale. The Invasion was good but not as good as when Brew Hub made it (Oskar Blues brews it now- meh)- the lager was very good-I have not had that before.
  6. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    vacay beer pics Jdubs Brewing out of Florida- Poolside Kolsch. This wasnt bad- but it was no where near Burial's Hoppy Kolsch (the Billows) that I love. MIA brewing out of Miami Florida- MegaMix Pale Ale. Good stuff. @ScottR suggested I try the Rome City IPA out of Lakeland Florida. Brewed by Brew Hub which formerly brewed Jai Alai and other Cigar City brews. Good stuff Karbach brewing out of texas and their love street Kolsch style blonde ale. This was a bit tangy for me- but- I could hang with one maybe two at a sitting.
  7. Mr Natural

    Misc Stuff about Life. Part XII

    just got back from vacation down in the gulf of mexico. Fun stuff. despite working EVERY morning for a couple of hours- and a couple of conference calls I attended "whilst under the influence"- it was a good vacay. Feel recharged- or maybe- brain dead. maybe both. You dont see one of these every day. Little water spout off the coast. This one touched down- but the pics I took are all out of focus except this one.
  8. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    i figured this was part of the super secret project you let slip a few months back. (hint hint)
  9. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    only if someone else purchases it. I wouldnt want a full sixer of it. stick with the citrus fruit goses first.
  10. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    my daughter picked this up this weekend. Terrapin's watermelon gose. Sounds gross- it was actually quite refreshing- not alot of "watermelon" per se- but just slightly tart and plenty refreshing.
  11. Mr Natural

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    if korina is anything like black limba with respects to its insane ability to split-I would go with the plate if only for that reason alone to spread the (not sure of the word here) "contact force points" where the neck is connected-the plate would spread that force- where as I image without the plate- you have those screws lined up and could split easier- regardless of how thick the body is. I would almost go as far as to say regardless of plate or bezels- I would (after pre-drilling the holes) go as far as say for insurance purposes- you might consider seeping in some water thin CA into the screw holes, let it dry to strengthen the wood around the holes and then be careful not to over tighten when you connect the neck. maybe its just me- and maybe the blk limba I had was over dry or something- but I have worked 3 different pieces from 3 different sources and they all split. (full disclosure- they were set necks- and the neck pockets were snug- and fitting them in caused the splits.) but I used the same templates I have on other woods and not have that problem. YMMV
  12. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    um- where is the build thread sir? tease us with a bass build you bassterd.
  13. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Georgia was same this weekend. Plus it rained on and off which made the swamp factor that much worse. I only have a 1/4 acre-and can usually mow front and back, edge and blow off dead grass in about an hour. Yeah- this weekend- I took 3 breaks- drank almost 1/2 gallon of water, and changed clothes as I was soaked with sweat. I lost 6 lbs on Saturday from the time I weighed myself in the morning to right before bed. i was completely wiped out. makes working in the shop miserable. and spraying laquer is completely out of the question.
  14. Mr Natural

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    looks great man. bravo.
  15. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I have always thought the Distillers were pretty bad ass- and Brody especially on lead throat.
  16. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I actually saw that group live in like 88' or maybe 89'? they used to play the college punk circuit in upstate NY and I want to say they opened for Dag Nasty at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse- but my memory fades with age. I wouldnt take you for a Lunachicks kinda guy Pros. 9/20/1973 Municipal Auditorium, Mobile Alabama by chance? When I was active in live music trading I was trying to track down a couple shows from 72 thru 75 for my brother- and I still have the dates/set lists/trading info. That show has no live recording as far as I know though. Sad...but true (see what I did there?) And Justice for all was such as kick ass album- it took me a while to warm up to thrash, and speed metal- and for the most part I still like older more melodic metal- but that album just kicks ass
  17. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    +1 on Tull (though how they won best metal group in the (198^?) grammy awards and beat out Metallica I will never understand) Stand up and Benefit see regular rotation in my shop. The first time I heard New Day yesterday I was about 13 or 14 and I about shite myself. SO FOOKING POWERFUL.
  18. Mr Natural

    Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    been there done that! its a totally valid fix
  19. Mr Natural

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    took me a little trip to athens, ga this weekend. got to sample a couple new brews, l to r illuminating the fog ipa strata, armarillo and crystal hops tiki time ipa with new sabro hops. melon/coconut taste automatic pale ale (coming out in cans in august-yea!) duende double ipa all were delicious!
  20. Mr Natural

    6 String Lap Steel.

    I have used danish oil prior to lacquer (on walnut and mahogany) as that I have notice helps and avoids that bland washed out look.This is not the best pic- this is after first couple of coats of nitro lacq on a lap steel I did a few years back -the crotch figure top reflects light differently depending on the angle you look at it- but point is oil really helped bring the color to life on it and the mahogany body/neck. I let it dry for 2 weeks prior to spraying and only used a light coat- just enough to cover and highlight the figure/color .
  21. Mr Natural

    Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    had to look that up as I had never heard of it before. then got the lesson on Jetman (1946 to 1951) which this style of illustration was obviously not from that period- then seeing this Jetman as part of CRASH magazine. Interesting. I see. LONG LIVE THE BANG STICK.
  22. Mr Natural

    New Additions to the shop

    totally jealous
  23. Mr Natural

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    which nordstrand p/u you going with? I have been extremely happy with his pickups- i have (2) dual coils- a shush puppy for bridge strat and a couple of 51P that are HUGE sounding. I am going to be getting a MM 4 pu when ever I get around to that project
  24. I have taken the aluminum yard sticks you can get at lowe's or home depot and just notched them. Not the thin 48" ones but the thicker aluminum 36" ones. They hold up pretty well- and you can sort of check them right at the store for straight edge as they should have a 48" straight edge there in that area for $40+. if you drop them- they will dent-and lose their edge- but for $7 or whatever and a few minutes with a dremel/bandsaw whatever -it works good enough.