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My Workshop Progress Thread


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I've just bought the first of a full set of new tools for my workshop - a Record BS350 (A startrite sister company) bandsaw.

1 1/2 HP motor, top quality blade guides, biig cast iron table etc etc...


It's great!

Now for the questions - I need myself an oscillating spindle sander, and I'm a little stumped as to what to go for. Axminster's offerings are apparently poor quality. Delta do one but no where can I find the maximum sanding height they can cope with - does anyone have expirience with these units?

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You should be able to find the Delta specs here: http://www.deltamachinery.com/

Are you looking at the big Delta or the benchtop one? The benchtop one doesn't have a tilting table. The drums go from 1" to 3" diameter and are something like 6" tall. The floor-standing model (which I don't actually see up there any more) took drims up to 4" or 6" diameter and about 6-8" tall as I remember.

I have the Jet benchtop model and I love it. I think it is a much better deal all around than the benchtop Delta. The price is good. It has drums from about 1/4" up to 3", each about 6" long. The table tilts if needed. It is quiet and has a bigger table too.


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The Jet one is the one I've had a little bad exprience with - the one I've got access to in college (while the wadkin's out of action) hasn't heald up too well. The spindle is a little bent meaning some vibration, and the motor's a little weak (Baring in mind I'm sanding acoustic moulds - 10cm thick MDF)

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Hello jammy,

Can`t help with the drum sander, but you certainly have a good bandsaw there. I got mine about three months ago and I`m well pleased with it. I need to source a company that sells better quality blades than the Record ones though. The resaw blade that came with the saw is poor quality and did`nt retain it`s edge very long. You should be able to get the Delta sander in the UK easily enough. Just shop around on the net.


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I've got the Jet benchtop model too and I love it and hate it at the same time. If you're on a budget then I think it's a good buy. Mine has issues with the tapered hole the spindles screw into. It goes out of shape then the spindles wobble.

I don't know what's available there, but General have a pretty beefy floor model. I'm going to replace my Jet with that one this winter. The spindles lock in better too.

I use the spindle sander for volute and rough heel shaping, that's about it. It's a reaaly handy tool for specific things.


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Dust collection for sure. I have that spindle sander, and it's great for thicknessing headstocks (clamp a block neck to the spindle and feed in slowly) and rounding volutes.

I bought this from Axminster:


It's essential gear, short of a dust mask when working with mahogany. I'm considering an air cleaner also.

With the spindle sander, make sure you have some baby powder handy (helps get new sleeves over the arbor) and 2x 17mm open ended spanners. You'll be shocked at how clean that machine operates once you hook up an extractor also.

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im 16 and ive started buying my tools to make axe's.. so far ive picked up a band saw, belt sander, drill press and a few little jigs ive made. its a great hobby, ive also made this wood carving duplicator for a dremal thats great for doing inlays, you basically cut the shapes out of ply and then transfer them on to fret boards.. il post pics soon.. keep up the good work!

the axe

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